Win with Hey Gorgeous and Hipstyler

Guess what ladies!! Because you’ve been so awesome, I’ve decided to up the ante – screw R50 vouchers! I wanna give you a R100! Spread the word lovelies! Really wanna get the word out about Hey Gorgeous and this blog and I will follow back your blog – just pop over your site deets and I’ll subscribe to your blog too.

Happy blogging and sharing!!


Because I’m such a Hey Gorgeous lover and because I want people to follow my blog, I’ve decided I will be doing a giveaway of my own! Holla!

So here are the rules – now pay attention because you’ll need to do a few things:

1 – follow @heygorgeousSA on Twitter

2 – follow @leanahenke on Twitter

3 – follow this blog via email

4 – then tweet @HeygorgeousSA @Leanahenke I wanna win with the AWESOME #heygorgeous

5 – Comment on my this post with your Twitter handle and confirming that you have completed the steps

What can you win? How does a Passion fruit and Lime body mousse, cupcake and R50 Hey Gorgeous Voucher sound?

The competition will run until the Hey Gorgeous Twitter page hits 1000 followers and Hipstyler has 50 blog followers.

Cupcakes for blog passionfruit for blog voucher for blog


70 thoughts on “Win with Hey Gorgeous and Hipstyler

  1. Always great to discover new blogs 🙂
    I have completed all the steps and you can see my tweet about you guys by looking me up: KerriPeake1 🙂
    P.S this would make a great birthday present for myself! 🙂

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