The Hey Gorgeous moisturisers revealed

Body mousses

I’ve been privileged enough to be able to test the Hey Gorgeous moisturiser range and I must tell you that not even the most luxurious and expensive body butter (and I’m a body butter queen) has come close to the texture and quality of the range of body mousses and the divine coconut soufflé from Hey Gorgeous.

So, the other day the loving Ginger asked me if he could use some of my “pretty things” for bath time. I was absolutely flabbergasted and speechless that the only thing I could do was give him a blank stare. He frowned at me before I could say anything and said: “Ahhh! Never mind!”

But let’s get back to business – here’s what I thought of the moisturisers.

Ginger Rose body mousse (R90 – )

This lovely baby pink mousse smells so magical that there aren’t any words to describe it. But let me try anyway. The name says it all – the Ginger (not the boyfriend) breaks the intense Rose smell and just lingers on your skin the entire day. The smell changes as the day goes by but I never once felt as if I needed to slap more on my body (this is a good time to mention I have severe dry patches on my body).

I’m so happy with this variant that I would put my own name on it!

Warm Vanilla body mousse (R90 –

I only have love for this lovely subtle vanilla scent and I use it on the daily along with my Ginger Rose body mousse and I like using it especially after my Rose petal Bath milk bath because the scents complement each other so nicely. My loving Ginger (the boyfriend) stole some of the Vanilla when I wasn’t looking and he still thinks I don’t know about it, but the evidence that is his silky smooth arms is very clear. Revenge is mine Ginger!

Choc mint body mousse (R90 –

This little beaut smells like the real thing – I actually tasted some of the mousse and you can actually taste the mint. I wouldn’t advise tasting it – it’s better if it’s absorbed by your body through your skin and not ingested like the cavewoman-like manner I tried. In addition to it smelling like a treat from heaven it also moisturises lovely and gives your skin the slightest sun kissed look! Yup – it is sort of like a self-tanner too! And as the time goes by I saw it changing colour – this is actually because of the mint in there and it just takes a stir or two for it to go back to its normal chocolaty colour.

Coconut body soufflé (R130 –

I mentioned before that I have severe dry patches on my skin and I’ve had it for years. I use the coconut body soufflé to keep it at bay. I couldn’t believe that something as simple as a coconut oil based body moisturiser would be the key to getting rid of the itchiness. If I think of the amount of money I spent on dermatologists prescribing me all sorts of cortisone carrying ointments I want to be sick. I was shocked to say the least when I used the coconut soufflé for the first time and noticed the very next day that the patch on my arm was gone. I phoned Pheebs and told her what happened and that’s when she said that coconut oil is excellent for the skin. I looked it up and sure as heck – wouldn’t you know it – there it was on the interwebs as clear as day light – “coconut oil has anti-fungal properties”. It made so much sense because I remembered that one doctor told me I had a fungal infection (yuck). I WILL NOT GO WITHOUT THIS LOVELY!


I still have to try this lovely smelling mousse (yes I have smelled it) but I’m more than sure that it will hold a candle to the awesome Hey Gorgeous moisturisers I’ve mentioned above.

Make me absolutely jealous and try it before I do… would love to hear your opinions.

Remember to go to my post here and comment on my post there – you could be the lucky winner of a voucher, cupcake and a Passion fruit and lime body mousse.


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