Hey Gorgeous – Start the week the right way


Hey Gorgeous has started the week with 3 new products which tells me that there are more (ah hem) Gorgeous things to come from this brand. Even though I’m part of the Hey Gorgeous family I like finding out about new products when I see the pictures on Facebook. Before I babble on about the awesome new products, you should know why I love Hey Gorgeous so very much.

I wanted to go into the natural beauty industry when I grow up (still do) and I’ve always, as far as possible, tried to make my own facial masks, scrubs and bath bombs. Then I came across Hey Gorgeous on Facebook and as much as I love The Body shop and Lush I thought the wonderful flavours and quirky names for their products gave them the edge. I also appreciate the packaging and love that they’re using Vinyl labels now. What I love most about them is that I really believe that they are preservative free, unlike many other companies that say they are but find a way to work some sort of sneaky in there without us knowing about it.

Enough about me – let’s get down to the Gorgeous!

Olive Facial Mask – R145 – orders@hey-gorgeous.co.za


Dry, sensitive skin needs looking after. This soothing mask works gently to draw out toxins and deep down grime to leave your skin feeling really soft and refreshed whilst helping it to retain moisture. Made with Shea butter, Olive and Macadamia Nut Oils and essential oils, this luxurious mask re-hydrates dry skin, lessens the appearance of fine lines and restores that glow and youthful vitality you’ve been looking for. Treat your skin for only R145 – orders@hey-gorgeous.co.za

Balance Toner – R140 – orders@hey-gorgeous.co.za


Balance is our newest Toner and works wonderfully to help adjust the skin’s pH, increase hydration, seal pores and prepare skin for the application of a serum or moisturiser. It is
rich in botanicals and anti-oxidants to promote fresh, vital skin.

  • Deep Cleans and tones pores
  • Calms redness & Irritation
  • Improves tone, texture, and elasticity
  • Mildly exfoliates and cleanses the pores
  • Can be used throughout the day as a hydrating mist

Made with Green Tea, Aloe Juice, Witch-hazel, Calendula, Chamomile, Frankincense & Neroli. Suitable for all skin types – fabulous for Combination, Uneven, Congested, Dry or Excessively Oily Skin. R140 for 200 ml – orders@hey-gorgeous.co.za

Ginger bread linen spray – R60 – orders@hey-gorgeous.co.za


Nothing beats the smell of fresh linen, except perhaps the smell of linen that smells of freshly baked cookies. This fabulous linen and room spray made with ginger and vanilla has a light, subtle and gorgeous fragrance that will freshen up your car, home and office for ages! R65 for 200ml. orders@hey-gorgeous.co.za

Do yourself a favor and get your orders in right now. I’ve heard so many good things of the linen spray and I am sure as heck going to get my order in for the Olive Mask – Pheebs told me that it makes you look 27 and a half again!!


Lots of hugs and Red velvet cupcakes



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