Win with Hey Gorgeous and Hipstyler

Hipstyler, Pretty & Ginger

Guess what ladies!! Because you’ve been so awesome, I’ve decided to up the ante – screw R50 vouchers! I wanna give you a R100! Spread the word lovelies! Really wanna get the word out about Hey Gorgeous and this blog and I will follow back your blog – just pop over your site deets and I’ll subscribe to your blog too.

Happy blogging and sharing!!


Because I’m such a Hey Gorgeous lover and because I want people to follow my blog, I’ve decided I will be doing a giveaway of my own! Holla!

So here are the rules – now pay attention because you’ll need to do a few things:

1 – follow @heygorgeousSA on Twitter

2 – follow @leanahenke on Twitter

3 – follow this blog via email

4 – then tweet @HeygorgeousSA @Leanahenke I wanna win with the AWESOME #heygorgeous

5 – Comment on my this post…

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