You only live once


For most of my life I’ve abided by the “leave some for tomorrow” rule – this stemmed from Gran’s frugal upbringing and since she practically raised me, I was sure to follow her train of thought.

It served me well over the years seeing as my upbringing was just as scrimping by any standard. When I was a child I made sure that I didn’t drop my toothbrush with toothpaste in the basin and if I did I scooped it up and used it. When I was a teenager I saved the years’ birthday and Christmas money because I knew Mom wouldn’t be able to get me the Matric ball dress I wanted. When I just started working I saved half my salary as an emergency fund and now I’m saving toothpaste, money and my good perfume (amongst other things).

I do this mostly because I can still hear Gran scolding at us when the bar of soap would be smaller than the last time she saw it. “No, no, no! Leave some for tomorrow! Was it necessary to use all that soap? No!”

And now I’m sitting with a cupboard full of perfume that I’ve only really started using now. Don’t get me wrong – I love waking up in the morning and playing a game of “Pick one, any one” but I can’t help to wonder if it has crippled me – this penny pinching way of living. For instance – my car is falling to pieces but I won’t get a new car because it’ll get ruined because I don’t have a garage and 5 years down the line I’d have paid an insane amount back on interest.

I’m not sure how these deep realizations come out of an arsenal of perfume – you got me there. But it made me think – I want to live! I don’t want to be one of those people who saved up their entire lives and didn’t enjoy the fruits of their labor. Though, I’m not oblivious to the fact that we need to provide for our future, but why not take a portion of your hard earned cash and go on a well deserved holiday – something that will give you more than what money can buy someday ….. MEMORIES.

So my midyear’s resolution – LIVE MORE, LAUGH MORE… GIVE MORE


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