Nandi – The Hey Gorgeous Hero

I had the privilege of working with Nandi Appleby – the Hey Gorgeous Branding expert (amongst other things). She’s the daughter of the Hey Gorgeous Mother, Pheebs and she has a business mind like I haven’t seen before.  I would know, because when I was assisting them with the planning of the very successful Hey Gorgeous brunch I saw that Nandi was busy making notes and possibly doing the math in her head too while Mommie Pheebs wanted, and I quote, “to be like Mug & Bean” (big).

In addition to having the business smarts of Donald Trump, she has a huge heart and great talent. She’s the reason that the Hey Gorgeous branding and the product photos look so amazing and you should follow her on Twitter and her blog too!

I think now it’s worth mentioning that the doggie in the picture that’s been doing the rounds on Twitter is the Hey Gorgeous family dog! Everything is original at Hey Gorgeous! You are surely missing out if you haven’t tried their products and if you haven’t experienced their superior customer service.

Hey Gorgeous is also on Instagram now – so check out the awesome pics they’ve put up and drooool!

So go on over to Nandi’s blog and see what she’s up to and find out what the life of a Hey Gorgeous Branding expert is like.



3 thoughts on “Nandi – The Hey Gorgeous Hero

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