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Hey Gorgeous has such a wide variety of products and specifically scrubs! They’re so uniquely named – Neapolitan Scrub, Chocolate scrub and even Coconut Lime Bliss scrub. If it hadn’t been for the beautiful labels telling you that these are scrubs, you’d think you were a South African street name and that your name has changed to Alice and that you are now in Wonderland.

When I joined Hey Gorgeous about 2 months ago I purchased a box full of sample sized goodies for show and tell purposes. It’s been excruciatingly difficult, for the lack of a better description, to keep my longing hands from devouring the goodies for my own benefit, but luck has favored me because these products have a shelf life of 8 weeks (due to the products being free of preservatives) I must now find a purpose for them.

So, in order to save these poor beauties, I’ve took it upon myself to use them before they expire and then report back to you, my lovelies. I’ve decided to cover the scrubs first and over the past week I’ve tried them all except the new Fudge yummy. Make me jealous and try it before I get my hands on them (

Neapolitan Scrub (R90 for 250g)

This lovely consists of layers of different flavours of scrubs. The one I had smelled significantly minty and I could certainly get a whiff of the chocolate in there. I love the sugar Hey Gorgeous uses in the scrubs – it really polishes off the dead skin cells. Remember – you get to choose whether you’d like your scrub a little oilier or scrubbier. In this flavour’s case I prefer scrubby. It polishes off and you still have the thin layer of oil on your skin.

Chocolate Mint (R90 for 250g)

Initially I wasn’t much of a fan of this scrub, but after using it I changed my mind completely and it might just be my fave after the French Roast scrub. As with the first scrub I prefer this scrub with less oil – the sugar is fine but it polishes the skin beautifully. Enjoy the aroma of the mix of the mint and chocolate then go out and buy yourself a peppermint crisp. J

Rose Scrub (R90 for 250g)

If you are not a rose lover this pungent rose smelling scrub is definitely not for you, but if you are the rose lover you’ll find the lingering smell a lovely companion for your ginger rose body mousse. What I love about this scrub the most is that it has real rose petals on the top which you crush in gently with a spoon. This releases more of the rose smell and strangely enough – the smell got more potent as the time went by.

Coconut Lime Scrub Bliss (R90 for 250g)

This lovely contains real desiccated coconut which makes it softer. So if you’re not keen on an abrasive scrub definitely try this one. In addition to you smelling like a Pina Colada afterwards you will enjoy the excellent benefits of the coconut on your skin. So scrub away and enjoy a softer skin. In fact, I’ve changed my mind. This is my fave scrub.

French Roast Vanilla Scrub (R120 for 250g)

This scrub is a little more abrasive than the rest because it is specifically formulated to target and massage cellulite and it’s made with coarse salt as apposed to sugar. I love the coffee smell and the hint of vanilla but if you’re going to order this scrub, make sure you ask them to make it a little oilier so that the granules can glide over your skin easily and at the same time moisturise your skin. I read that Halle Berry scrubs coffee on her thighs as part of her cellu-fight routine. And if it’s good enough for Halle, it’s good enough for me.

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