Have you ever???

OK… so the hipster part of me fought the trend that is “Have you ever?” but I caved just as soon as I saw my friend Verushka’s list. So here’s mine:

1) Been pulled over?

No! I’m an excellent driver – what are you talking about?

2) Plucked your eyebrows?

All the time – but not very well.

3) Pulled an all nighter?

Awww yes, once – it was the night of our Matric ball. Good times good times.

4) Baked a cake?

Um, who hasn’t? Can I get a holla from my fellow Home Ec students!?

5) Fallen down in public?

lol – how many times? A Gazillion

6) Been caught making out?

No, I’m a good girl.

7)Taken a pregnancy test?


8) Broken a bone?

No – my secret – calcium tablets yo!

9)Had braces?

Almost all through high school… but I got the Hollywood smile in the end… and the guy!

10) Gone skinny dipping?

Aaa Stellenbosch… so many memories

11) Made a prank call?

I do that in my sleep – common – bring out the big guns

12) Screamed during a scary movie?

It’s not a sign of weakness – it’s a defense mechanism

13) Gone out without underwear?

SIS! Trek daai pentie an girl!

14) Been arrested?

No! What do you take me for?

15) opened Christmas presents early?

Under duress yes!

16) Been in hospital?

When I was born yes!

17) Had food come out your nose?

Nope but have coke come out cause i was laughing so much.

18) Toiletpapered someone’s house

Does a school count?

19) Laughed so hard you cried?

I try to do it everyday, but my bladder is getting older so I can’t do it so much anymore.

20) Burned yourself with a curling iron?

I vaguely remember something like that yes.

21) Been hit on by someone far too old?

barf in mouth What? OMG YES!! barfing uncontrollably

22)Given a hickey?

Sis! … Yes

23) Eaten food that fell on the floor?

Verushka: Yes 5 second rulr:-) – Hipstyler: AMEN SISTER

24)shared a sucker with your dog?

Her name was Snowy – We had something in common – our love of suckers

25) Been in a car accident?

Yes – but never been behind the wheel when it happened! Please revert back to question one – I reiterate! I’m a good driver!

26) Spied on your neighbours?

It was so much fun!

27) Lied about your age?

I don’t have to. People think I’m younger than I am!

28) Fired a gun?

Guns ‘n Roses? No, cannot do that to my Axel – I love him too much.

29) Been drunk?

I’m drunk right now….

30) Gotten a tattoo?

I got two tats in my bra….

I’m not too good at this.. lol


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