My (Hey) Gorgeous face

My best friend in the world (friends for 27 years) is getting married in March next year. She asked me to be her maid of honour and I’m over the moon about it – I’ve never been in a wedding, not even as a child (and I was so cute) as a flower girl.

When it comes to preparing for a wedding (when you have to look your best) you can’t leave things for the last minute. No – you have to start getting your pretty awn asap. Not only for the sake of the big day, but also so that you can get yourself into a good and healthy facial and skin care routine. Gran always used to say: “Prevention is better than a cure”. It is so incredibly true.

So, as the Maid of Honour (“MOH”) I’ve decided to get myself, my fellow bridesmaids and my bride-to-be into a natural beauty care regimen. All of us had some major work ahead of us. I had scars from my skateboarding and body boarding days (yes, I was THAT girl) and my friends had acne and scarring because of the acne.

New blog - face stuff
I started us off with a very basic routine which involved:
• Honey & Oatmeal facial scrub from Hey Gorgeous (R90 for 250g)
• Banish & Repair Facial cleanser from Hey Gorgeous (R165 for 200ml)
• Orange Blossom Toner from Hey Gorgeous (R120 for 200ml)
• Happily Ever After Moisturiser from Hey Gorgeous (R165 for 200g)

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My Hey Gorgeous Honey & Oatmeal scrub is permanently in the shower caddy – when I shower, I scrub my face. I know what they say about only scrubbing your face every now and then, but this stuff is so mild and natural it CAN be used daily. Plus! Have you looked up how good honey and oatmeal is for your skin? You will NOT be able to resist. The money saving characteristic of this product is that you can leave it on for a little while and use it as a mask too. The carrot seed oil is also absolutely amazing for your skin and every ingredient is locally produced and fair trade and organic. I don’t know how that makes you feel, but it makes me feel awesome knowing that my favourite beauty brand is looking out for Mother Nature and the local market.

I mentioned the scarring and acne, right? Well, the Banish & Repair cleanser from Hey Gorgeous is awesome for this. It is oil based (yup!) but it works and here’s why – it gets rid of the toughest makeup. Colour stay WHAT? Now, I know what you’re thinking: “An oil cleanser to clean oily skin?” YES, because our bodies produce sebum (an oil like substance) to help protect our skin. This oil helps to lubricate, heal and moisturise. Bacteria and dirt mix with the sebum on the skin and it is this that causes acne.

Our first instinct, when treating acne, is to use products that strip the skin of its natural oils – then it becomes tight and dry but then it’s greasy again! So, now your body goes into protection mode and overproduces sebum because we keep taking it away so frequently and so the vicious cycle continues. Before you know it, you’re sitting with dry but greasy, clean but red and patchy and washed but spotted by acne skin.

Especially with the winter here, this oil based cleanser has helped me with my patchy dry skin and somehow the scars are fading too! My skin doesn’t act up when I’m at my air-conditioned office anymore. They also have a facial oil cleanser for the same price – you can check out Charlene’s review here. The Banish & Repair cleanser is pretty much the same but I cannot testify on the other uses that Charlene has found for the oil based cleanser – a lovely multi-use product.

I absolutely love the Orange Blossom toner. It comes in a spray bottle which you can conveniently pop into your handbag and also use as a refreshing facial mist. I just love the flexibility of the Hey Gorgeous products. The toner has a lovely fresh and clean smell to it. When I’m actively busy with my routine, I spray on a few mists and dab with a cotton wool but if I just want a little refreshment, I spray on and leave to dry. This is just what I was looking for and I’m LOVING it! It helps to unclog pores (which I had a major problem with – SIS!) and it’s mobile! Lol

So fitting, seeing as this is (after all) in preparation of the joyous occasion that is Bestie’s wedding. I stick to what Gran said – Prevention is better than a cure. I’ve been blessed with a young looking skin but it doesn’t mean it’s going to stick around forever. I’ve planted this seed with my fellow bridesmaids and Bestie and they’re so hooked on this moisturiser that I’m scared they’re going to steal mine. Again, there is so much of this product to go around, so do yourself a favour and slather it on. Use it as a mask and be sure to use it on the neck and décolletage too. Women age in their necks so take heed!

I’ll be sure to post more about other cuties that I’ve used that have helped me so far so get ready to get wedding pretty!

Remember I’m also doing my give away as soon as the blog has hit the 50 follower mark and Hey Gorgeous has reached the 1000 follower mark. So be a doll and share this post and pretty soon you could be a Hey Gorgeous winner!


8 thoughts on “My (Hey) Gorgeous face

  1. OMG! Congrats on being “MOH” ^_^
    I was never in weddings too. I was too much of a tomboy lol.

    The first wedding I was in was my sisters wedding. It was so exciting going from one dress shop to another to pick out the dresses ^_^

    You’re ganna look so gorgeous in your dressy 🙂


      • That’s the most exciting part! It might be a bit stressful but the end result (which I’m sure will be amazing) is like the greatest feeling ever!

        Awww! Co-MOH! That sounds so funny!
        I’ll be here to help with whatever :).


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