Rimmel Apocalips – Celestial (a most unlikely review)

So I popped over to the post office to check the post box today and after nearly being pummeled to death by 2 weeks’ uncollected post I got hit by a big plastic postage bag. I grabbed all the magazine subscriptions, collection cards, officially stamped ABSA envelopes and the other weapons of mass destruction and made a run for Ginger’s car (my skedonkie is on the Fritz). I opened the plastic post office bag and found inside it… DUH DUH DAAAAAH!

Apocalips (2)

I still don’t know where this comes from but I do remember entering a lot of competitions to win this lovely. And I remember saying that I would prefer the Celestial shade out of the bunch, but for the life of me I cannot figure out which comp it was – Thank you NASpers (that’s about all I could find out)!

So OBVS I made a plan to put it on immediately! At first I thought “This is too red for me” but I loved that it gave me so much colour without drying out my lips like lipstick does. So I went off to the shops and pursed my lips like I usually do when I have anything on my lips and when I got home and looked in the mirror it was fabulously me! Then I tried to Google to find out where I won this thing from so I could thank them, but I didn’t have enough clues.

So I decided to have a little photo shoot:


Apocalips is fun but it means business – almost like a mullet – business in the front, party in the back. You pop it in your bag for a night out and you can shove it in your briefcase if you need a touch up at work and the packaging goes both ways too.

Whoever you are, I’m sure you can find an Apocalips Lip lacquer that will suit you – I’m lucky that I chose the right one! It retails for about R100 at Clicks, Dis-Chem, Edgars and Fochini stores. Now that I’ve tried it I can defo say it is worth the money.

So… I don’t know who to thank for my Apocalips… but thank you kindly sir/madam for my Celestial shade of awesome!

#daymade #whodaman



2 thoughts on “Rimmel Apocalips – Celestial (a most unlikely review)

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