HEY GORGEOUS – Mustard & Winter Green Bath soak

Mustard & Wintergreen

Ever since the Hey Gorgeous Brunch on the 29th of June at Dear Me in Cape Town I have been overcome with outright jealousy of the ladies who got the lovely gift bags at the event. To top it off, these were brand new products that have never even been advertised on the Facebook page.

As soon as Sis mouthed off about the Mustard & Wintergreen bath soak being so delicious I knew I had to get my hands on a jar of this. So I fired off an email to the lovely Pheebs and got my order in. I’m a rose petal bath milk lover by heart but I find myself torn between the two bath time treats that I’ve so “eloquently” dubbed “My preciousnesses”.

When I finally got my hands on the lovely Mustard & Wintergreen bath soak I it was ever so coincidental that I started feeling the symptoms of a cold touching me. I ran a hot bath and poured the salts into the steaming hot water and the aroma that swirled in my nostrils was so revitalizing and soothing that I completely forgot about the symptoms of my waking cold. It has a lovely herbal blend smell with the slightest tinge of lovely mustard that wakes up the flower child within… and makes me wanna grab a Wimpy breakfast. My skin felt like that of a goddess afterwards and Ginger couldn’t stop sniffing me.

My friend, the Brain, coined the term “like Med lemon for your soul” when she described the Spa Wisdom Japon bath salts from The Body Shop, and I’m pretty sure that the Mustard & Wintergreen Bath Soak is the Hey Gorgeous equivalent. I feel like I’m abandoning a puppy on the side of the road – don’t worry Rose Petal Bath Milk – you are still my Monday blues eraser.

Rosepetal for the blog

So in conclusion I have decided I cannot have too much of awesomeness in my life and in addition to my much loved Rose Petal Bath Milk Mondays I will now celebrate  Mustard & Wintergreen Wednesday!

Remember I’m still doing my Hey Gorgeous giveaway where you can win a voucher, a body mousse and a scrub – Enter here

To order your own you can email orders@hey-gorgeous.co.za

Rose Petal Bath Milk – R110 (Hey Gorgeous)

Mustard & Wintergreen – R130 (Hey Gorgeous)

Spa Wisdom Japon bath salts – R199 (The Body Shop)


Until next time! Hugs and cookie crumbs!





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