My Chocolate affair with The Body Shop

By now you should have gathered that I am part of the “Hey Gorgeous family” but I was a Body Shop and Lush lover before I knew about Hey Gorgeous. Needless to say I still get Body Shop emails and I still have the loyalty card with points on it and when I saw one night “body butters – half price!!!” I went bonkers! Nearly had a heart attack – where will you get a Body Shop body butter for R67.99? But at that point it was already 9:15 pm and even the most obsessive shopper would have known it’s a lost cause.

Ginger, bless his heart, heard my Butter call (gasp/sale heart attack) and wouldn’t you know… the next day, waiting for me on the kitchen counter, stood the much loved paper packet from The Body Shop smiling at me. “I finally have the set!!!” I shouted when I saw that it was the Chocomania Body Butter peeking at me like a lost puppy (I’ll give you a home sweetie).


BUTTERCUP – CHOCOMANIA (R135… I got it for R67.99)

There is nothing bad I can possibly say about any of the Body Shop Body butters. They are rich and moisturising and there is no way in hell that you’re going dry skinned with it on your skin. It does, however, get a bit much but I think the key is to figure out how much is enough for your skin. If you overdo it with the butter, you’re gonna end up slipping and sliding everywhere.


I am totes in love with this soap. It’s a soap and a scrub in one. When I’m not in the mood for the scrub thing and the washing thing, this soap does both those things in one move! I friggin love it. I love an abrasive scrub because, to me, it feels like I’m scrubbing off the old skin and getting a new fresh skin underneath. I am really addicted to this soap and recommend it to anyone as a time saver move for the days you don’t want to spend the extra time on scrubbing.


I got the tiny travel sized bottle for R35 just to try it out. I wanted to drink it. If it hadn’t been for the warm water soaking me in the shower I would have mistaken the body wash for a drinkable chocolate treat. YUM DELICIOUS! BUT I prefer its hazelnut counterpart over the chocomania one – simply because I am hazelNUTS over the smell.

LIPPY? (R55)

I purchased the lipbalm because I’m chocolate “mal”! However, I’m not a big fan of this lip balm. The other Chocomania products are awesome but the lipbalm DRIED out my lips more than anything else. I didn’t like the taste of it either (yes, yes, I know you’re not supposed to eat it, but it’s on your lips ain’t it?). I have, however, found a very suitable substitute for the lippy which is also Chocolate and works brilliantly – Hey Gorgeous’ Choc mint lip balm… the only thing I can compare it to – you know the Quality Street chocolates with the mint inside… THAT, my friend, be it! And at R10 cheaper than the Body Shop brand? I will take it thank you!


So there you have it. I also enjoy other brands and I’m always willing to acknowledge when they’ve done a great job. 🙂 Next up… I think I’ll try some Rain Africa products. I hear outstanding things about their products and will be placing my order very soon!

For now… lotsa love and SLEEEEPP




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