The Hey Gorgeous Fill-a-tub-Movement

Mandela day is here and South Africans are urged to do something good for their fellow man – 67 minutes for the greater good. People argue that we should continuously perform acts of kindness, so they decide to not participate in the spirit of the day. However much I agree with always doing good, we can’t ignore the fact that we don’t live in a perfect world and that we need days like Mandela day to ground us and to remind us that there are problems worthier of our concern than which shade of eye shadow to buy next.

I have been very fortunate to test and use the loveliest Hey Gorgeous products ever and as I finished each item I kept the tubs (because they were just too cute to throw away). Being the big hippy, earth lover and avid humanitarian that I am, I wondered how I can put the bag full of tubs I collected to good use.

The story of how Hey Gorgeous started and runs their day-to-day business prompted me – everything from the way they source their ingredients (fair trade and local) to making the products (cleaning the raw ingredients themselves) to the labeling and packaging (locally sourced and environmentally friendly) – everything screams “LOW CARBON FOOTPRINT!” They recently also hooked up with Kirsten Dewar from Operation Shoebox. If you haven’t heard of this wonderful initiative head on over to their site and get involved. All you have to do is fill a shoebox with presents for an under privileged child for Christmas. The partnership between Hey Gorgeous and Operation Shoebox results in a donation of 10% of the sales of Hey Gorgeous products done by the Shoebox project to a children’s orphanage. If you would like to contribute while treating yourself to a Hey Gorgeous product, simply mail your order to and tell them you would like your 10% to go to Operation Shoebox.

All the good things that Hey Gorgeous and Kirsten Dewar are doing – looking after our planet while making us look pretty and helping out their fellow man – inspired me to share with you how you can continue the Hey Gorgeous goodwill after you’ve used the products they so carefully made for you, with love.

Use them as Candle holders, coin collectors for charity, plant seeds in them or use them as handy holders.

Now for the fun part – I’ve approached Hey Gorgeous with this idea and Pheebs has graciously offered (I didn’t even have to ask) as a prize, a R200 voucher to whoever can make or suggest the best second use for a Hey Gorgeous tub/bottle. Go and follow them on Twitter (@heygorgeousSA) and tweet your suggestions and pics. As part of the good vibes I want to give to the world, I will also donate R200 to the winner’s favorite charity.

What will you do with your tubs? Show them, and you could win!!! Competition closes 31 August 2013! Once you’ve tweeted you will be part of the FILL-A-TUB-MOVEMENT! Congrats! Share the good vibes with your friends too!

More on Hey Gorgeous

I always boast about the awesome quality of this brand’s products and if you’ve never heard how good the products are from someone else please check out the links below to more reviews (these aren’t all of them either) . These ladies have all purchased their products and have given their honest opinion of the goodies.

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9 thoughts on “The Hey Gorgeous Fill-a-tub-Movement

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  2. Hi! I just recently discovered Hey Gorgeous. I’d like to enter your comp any other way to do so ? I don’t have twitter

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