The Sexiest Gingers in the world – by Hipstyler & Pretty

I have the worst case of Ginger-vitis ever. I don’t know why, but when I see a ginger, I MUST have it. Sadly, there’s not enough of “ME” to go around so I’ve made it my life’s mission to make one ginger happy all the time (I’m doing a horrible job so far). Blame it on my insistent need to mother/foster/take care of the underdog (it’s no secret Gingers are severely ridiculed).

Since I can only focus my energy on one ginger I had to think of a way I could help other gingers without too much effort. So I decided to create a list of the hottest gingers in the world to show you how sexy the red-headed breed of human can be. So here it is, in no particular order: The sexiest gingers in THE WORLD – by Hipstyler & Pretty… oh it just occurred to me – you haven’t met Pretty yet…


Joseph Morgan

Vampire Klaus

Hipstyler: With the broad smile on my face and the memory of his portrayal of the big bad Vampire, Niklaus Mikaelson in the popular Vampire Diaries, I happily give him the coveted 4 paws up. Nothing says ROMANTIC better than the ultimate baddie’s weakness and patience for a young beauty. Joseph, if you ever read this, I LOVE YOU! swoon OMG He might be reading this! feeling lightheaded faint

Pretty gave him: 2 paws up – she doesn’t like the “werewolf” part – meeaow!

Michael C Hall aka “Sexy Dexy”


Hipstyler: Everyone’s fave serial killer… is a GINGER! Could we please give season 8 of Dexter a standing ovation? I am literally on the edge of my seat and absolutely loving it. We need to force feed Deb because she’s just getting too skinny, but I digress. Michael, row your boat a-hipstyler-shore please. I can help you with those serial killer issues and you can um… take me out… giggle Um ladies, have you seen those arms? wiping drool from keyboard. Sir! You may have 4 paws up!

Pretty gave him: 2 paws up and a soft purr… she’s very hard to please.

Prince Harry


Hipstyler: This dude’s got it all – the accent, fame, fortune, royal blood, he can fly a helicopter breathing heavily and he’s got a sexy naked pic. ERMERWERRRD! And he looks so friggin hot in that uniform, doesn’t he? heart racing I mean… ladies… if you’re not convinced, you’re dead… or dying. Needless to say, he got 4 paws up from me.

Pretty gave him: 2 and ½ paws up… I’m disgusted!

Shawn Ashmore

Shawn Ashmore

Hipstyler: I wasn’t a big fan of Shawn in the X-men series (nerd alert!) because he looked really young (he wasn’t THAT young- good genes) and I like them big and strong. But then, as Mike Weston in The Following…. dizzy panting … After he recovered from getting beaten up to a pulp and became all angry and bad-boy-like, I was like…

Mother may I4 paws up sir!

Pretty gave him: 1 paw up and a purr… Ah! What’s the matter with you, cat!!!

Alan Tudyk


Hipstyler: Funny man, Alan Tudyk, first caught my eye in A Knight’s tale when he played the role of Wat, the best friend/sidekick. Not much is sexier than a man with a good sense of humor and a strong jawline. To top it off, his bod is looking super fab at 42. *swoon* *batting eyes* *blood pressure out of control* 4 PAWS UP MY MAN!!

Pretty gave him: 2 paws up… *that’s it… this cat is outta here*

Last but not least…. GINGER

Ginger (800x600)

Hipstyler: Judging from the totally hot chick next to the horrified looking guy, this ginger might just be the hottest ginger ever. I hear he does the washing, cooking, cleaning and buys treats too. And he can take a lot of punch from his girlfriend too… she’s a hand full. 4 Paws for you Mr. Ginger!!! xoxo

Pretty gave him: 4 paws up… but she knows where her cat food comes from.

There you have it ladies!!! Gingers are awesome, so please love them!!!

Love and Wine gums

Hipstyler & Pretty


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