What can happen when you say “Yes!”


Some of you may have watched “Yes Man” – a movie about a guy with a negative outlook on life. Honestly, the story starts off really sad. Then he goes to a “Yes” seminar and he becomes a “Yes man” – he seizes every opportunity that gets presented to him and good things start to happen to him.

Not too long ago, this was my life: Wake up; go to work; come home; go to the gym; come back home and sleep. I was bored with my life and as a result of my abundance of free time, my life was filled with people and things that were of no real value to me.

In October last year I entered a 5fm competition. It was their birthday and they were giving away tickets to see either Linkin Park, Lady Gaga or The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I texted like a mad person – probably about R130 worth of airtime. The next thing you know, my phone is ringing and I’m talking to Rob Vember (What a sweety!!!). I walked away with 2 Red Hot Chilli Peppers tickets which was fortuitous seeing as I’d already coughed up R400 for my Linkin Park ticket and my friend (and Ho-bag – Love you Mientjie!) won Lady Gaga tickets and I was her “plus one”.

I thought I’d push my luck and see how far it would get me. I won tons of things in between then and now and I even met the lovely Lucy Da Costa (then) from Style Society when she dropped off my DKNY (the second prize I won from Style Society). Lucy is a fountain of wisdom for someone her age and I will treasure her forever.

At more or less the same time, I saw a post on Facebook by Hey Gorgeous saying that they’re looking for agents to sell their lovely products. I thought about it briefly, ignored the “No” voice and decided to go for it. My first month’s sales was excellent but I realised that depending on my friends, family and co-workers for my supplementary income isn’t sustainable so I started the Hey Gorgeous Twitter page (this was 2 months ago). I got tons of orders from Twitter and the page got followed by well-known people such as Catherine Grenfell, Carishma Basday, Natalie Becker and even Nic Adler (nogal verified yo) and every time the notifications came through, I either almost rolled my car or had a heart attack from excitement.

I met awesome people – Verushka, Naeema, Amina, Anja, Candice, Rushda, Bronwyn, Faeema, Tammy… the list goes on and on. The Twitter page got so much attention that our Choc Mint body mousse got a feature in Rooi Rose, another feature in Essentials (coming soon) and loads of other products were reviewed by really talented and reputable bloggers. I had so much fun that I forgot it was a job. It was only when my friend, Mientjie, told me that I’m pretty good at the PR thing that it occurred to me “I am part of something big here”. Before, I was just happily making friends under the alias “Hey Gorgeous”, not thinking I was helping to build the brand.

More and more people started to ask me about the products and because Pheebs and the gang were creating so many new products, sending a brochure just didn’t cut it anymore. I decided it would be easier to create a blog so that people could have one point of reference for all the products. It would also be easier to update than updating a PDF price list. Pheebs loved the idea but she is already in the process of creating a very snazzy website (which you guys are going to looooooove).

Now would be a good time to mention that Lucy and I were chatting, over breakfast at Wimpy (yes that’s how we roll), about what we want to do when we grow up. I casually mentioned blogging but that I was afraid that nobody would read it. She urged me to do it and it stuck in my mind. Seeing as I had already created the blog for Hey Gorgeous and had no idea how to get rid of it, I decided to roll with it, and so, Hipstyler, Pretty and Ginger was born.

Just a week ago, my friend, Verushka, contacted me regarding a blogging opportunity for The Magnifying Glass. It goes without saying that the level of pride I felt at this point was unfathomable. I asked her why she asked me and she said “I like your writing style” and, of course, my mother was delighted to hear of this homage to her daughter.

You’re probably wondering what all of this has to do with the title of this post. If I hadn’t said “Yes” to Hey Gorgeous, I wouldn’t have met the lovely Carishma Basday or the awesome people I mentioned before. I wouldn’t have started this blog and I wouldn’t have been asked to blog for The Magnifying Glass. I wouldn’t have met the lovely Phoebe and discovered my ability to PR the heck out of the STUNNING Hey Gorgeous products.

So, even though it’s scary to say yes (to enter the unknown) I strongly advise that you take the plunge. Two or Three weeks before Gran passed, she told me that she regretted, most of all, not doing the things she always wanted to do. You’re presented with the opportunity to say “Yes” daily. See what happens if you do.


12 thoughts on “What can happen when you say “Yes!”

  1. Leana, you’re such an Angel.

    I am seriously so happy I got to meet the amazing person behind @HeyGorgeousSA…
    You were one of the first people to actually recognize my blog and the day you tweeted me about it made me like so happy…I will never forget that day ♥

    You were determined to create a buzz on Twitter about Hey Gorgeous and look where you’re at now…Freaking 786 followers, gurl!

    You’re such an amazing person and you should definitely keep up with what you’re doing because you’re SO SO awesome at it!

    This post is really inspiring ♥


  2. I loved reading this post. Its extremely moving and inspiring. Good things comes to those who wait but better things comes to those who make it happen.

    Keep up the amazing work and you definitely do have sick writing skills. Your blog’s become one of my fave in the short period of time that I’ve started reading and following it.

    Much Love and Toffee Apples!

  3. Yes girl! I’m so glad I said YES to HG as well else I would never have known you 😀 xx

    PS: just so you all know, Leana didn’t know me from anywhere but sat through a call guiding me through techie hell till I got it right. Just because she’s that helpful. Mad Love for you!

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