Hipstyler’s July pay day buys – for the easy going girl

Every girl needs her “beauty basics” shopping list and with our fave day (Pay Day) coming up, I’ve explored every magazine, brochure and beauty blog I could think of to get the best (and cheapest) beauty essentials. So if you’re a “get up and go” kind of girl with a fair dose of FOMO, this list is just for you.

The luxuries

Vanilla bath milk

Hey Gorgeous knows exactly how to tantalize us with their delectable body products. Being the newcomer junkie that I am and having extreme FOMO I’m eagerly awaiting the text message from Capitec announcing the brief appearance of my salary. One of the newest additions to their armoury of body treats is their Vanilla Bath Milk (R110). I’m a shower girl by heart but I appreciate a good steamy bath after a hard day at work. The Rose Petal variant is lovely and relaxing and your skin feels amazing after a good soak so I am amped to try the Vanilla one. To order yours email orders@hey-gorgeous.co.za

Rain Africa

If you haven’t read about the awesome Rain Africa products yet… where have you been? I have been mulling over my first Rain Africa purchase for a month and finally settled on the Avocado & Marula Body polish (R115). I am so looking forward to this one I could die… come back to life, use it and die again. Expect a review soon because this scrub addict is getting her fix. Head on over to their site and check out the rest of their goodies. Check out Femme Lifestyle’s post on the Waterfront shop (Heather, we need to seriously make a date to go!!)

The “If-you-don’t-have-these-you-need-to-get-them” stuffs

(Couldn’t find a nice pic 😦 )

Oh so Heavenly’s Happy hands hand sanitizer – You touch loads of gross things daily and even if you aren’t exposed to Germville, germs will find you so you should make a point of getting one of these for your handbag. They go for under R20 each which is super affordable compared to R400 in doctors’ bills and meds to you’ll cough up (ah hem) to cure the cold you picked up with your unsanitized hands. Go to any Clicks and grab yours – they come in 5 delish scents.


Hey Gorgeous lip balm (R45) – This is by far the best lip balm I’ve ever had. Granted, you have to keep your nails short to avoid gouging out unnecessary amounts of lip balm, but I’m sure your soft kissable lips will make you more than happy. You can order yours with orders@hey-gorgeous.co.za

The “cheapie-to-try” goodies

IMG_0177 (800x600)

Clicks Helping Hands nail file (R10 – I think) – In all honestly the nail file won’t last you long, but a portion of the sales goes to the Helping Hands Trust so that’s what go me to buy it.

Oh So Heavenly Foot powder (Under R30) – Ginger sent me to the shop to buy foot powder, so I bought the prettiest one…. 🙂 I shake it into my pumps (you know those puppies stink up the place), my slippers and copious amounts in Ginger’s boots. We love it!

Clicks purifying nose pore strips (Under R40 for 6) – I’m not a fan of pore strips but for the sake of research and in my quest to minimize the craters in my face I call pores I tried the strips…. and so did Ginger. We both love it! (PS… more on my pore quest in about 2 weeks)

Young Solutions Wipe out (Under R50) – Mom introduced me to this gem back in the day. Initially I used it on my cold sores (yes it works!) and every now and then, when I feel a spot on the rise, I just dab a little on the spot and by the next day it’s on its way out.

…. last but not least… the curiosity buy….

Oh So Heavenly’s Beauty Sleep regenerating Hand Serum (R25)

oh so heavenlyYou can check out reviews on Beauty South Africa – these alone have convinced me to try it out. I’m paranoid about aging in my hands and I’m VERY interested to see how this works. Will obviously report back on it!

So that’s your “easy going girl” shopping list.

Love and banana loaf

Hipstyler Pretty & Ginger


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