Billy Talent is coming to Cape Town

If you haven’t booked your tickets yet, you’d better be quick about it. Our fave Canadian Punk-Rock band, Billy Talent, is coming to Cape Town on the 23rd of August and to Pretoria on the 24th of August for the Post aKOPPllyptic Punk Picnic… I see what you did there, guys… very clever. Finally Cape Town can see a concert on a Friday and avoid the post-concert-snoozies at work!

Judging by an update on Billy Talent’s Facebook page “SOUTH AFRICA! We’re coming back! Aug 23 in Cape Town, Aug 24 in Pretoria. Can’t wait! #‎billytalentLIVE‬” these guys are as stoked to be here as we are to see them.

They were previously in South Africa in 2010 at the Oppikoppi festival (you see the connection now?) and have decided to bless us once more with their quirky lyrics and the unmistakeable voice of Benjamin Kowalewicz. *air punch*

Catch them at the aKOPPllyptic Punk Picnic on the 23rd of August 2013 at the City Hall Auditorium in Cape Town; and on the 24th of August at the Pretoria Botanical Gardens in Pretoria.

Tickets are for sale at but be warned – the tickets don’t secure your seats so you best be in the cue early to get the good seats!

Check list for Billy Talent in Cape Town:

  1. Tickets

  2. Doctor’s note for work

  3. Fully charged phone battery

  4. Camera

  5. Cash

  6. Check in at doctor’s office on Facebook

I’ll be tweeting pics and posting them on my blog… I know what you’re thinking…. and no…the bosses don’t know about the blog or that I’m on Twitter #forwardthinking

Hugs and brownies

Hipstyler, Pretty & Ginger


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