The Underrated

You know them – the makeup brand you love but doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. There’s the corner house bakery that bakes the best red velvet cupcakes but you’ve never heard of them. I’ve compiled a list of “Underrateds” – the free things in life, the people, the products and places that don’t get enough credit for how awesome they are.

In no particular order, here they are:

Tinkies: These treats where my fave growing up and the other day while I was doing the monthly grocery shopping, the Tinkie shelf caught my eye like a diamond in the sun. I took a chocolate flavoured one and polished it off between paying for it and being half way to my car. Why we’re not bombarded with Tinkies adds, I don’t know, but I know that there SHOULD be more love for them.

Joseph morgan

Joseph MorganHe is the ultimate baddie in The Vampire Diaries with his English accent, unconventional good looks and diabolical savoir faire, but give him a “mortal” role to play and he transforms. I am really shocked that we haven’t seen him in “bigger” productions. (Moment of silence)


The feeling you get when you own a name brand handbag: Gents, the only possible comparison there is, is the feeling you get when you own the car you’ve always wanted. When I went handbag shopping a couple of years ago, I reluctantly coughed up the R300 (pssshh) for my first Nine West handbag. I wasn’t excited about my purchase, until I flung it over my shoulder and saw the appreciation of my piece of art in the eyes of passers-by. I felt good and I even got a couple of “Love your bag” compliments from strangers. Ladies… never feel bad about this feeling – it is SO underrated!

Tribakery (Cavendish): Their Tweets always make me so hungry and their coffee is apparently the best. When I asked Richard from Tribakery to send me something I could blog about, he sent me a cool email and some pics. “I think the most unique thing is actually our coffee – it’s a blend made especially for us and you can’t get it elsewhere.  I always tell people to come have a taste of the big apple – as our theme is very New York style (Especially my shop).” I’m planning to visit them soon and judging by the pics I am totally throwing my friend’s kitchen tea there.


Jimmy Choo Flash EDT: I am the lucky owner of a 60ml bottle of Jimmy Choo Flash EDT and even though it is helluva expensive, I will happily pay it for another bottle. I hope that it gets more love (not that it’s being hated) the more it gets used by South African women. The 100ml goes for R995 at Redsquare stores, but the way it makes you feel… priceless!

Hey Gorgeous’ Banish & Repair skincare range: You only have to follow Hey Gorgeous on Twitter or like the Facebook page to see the amazing pics the followers and fans send in. I had the best skin in my teens, but in my late 20s I was riddled with breakouts on my chin and around my mouth. Ever since I’ve used the serum and the moisturiser I have yet to see one single pimple. When I’m all hormo-tional and achy, my skin’s like “Pull yourself together woman! It’s only hormones!” I’ve spoken to loads of ladies who’ve used the serum and they are HOOKED…. and their skin looks amazing!


Hand Knitted goods: Yes, Gran’s hand knitted jerseys weren’t always the coolest, but she MADE it for you. I love (understatement) the craft shop in Canal walk but always thought the knitted goods were too expensive. I tried my hand at knitting but was never very good at it – evidenced by my poorly executed knitted clutch bag. I calculated the costs and my time spent on knitting the bag and realized that buying one would have been the better (and prettier) choice.

Good service: Poor customer service is a common occurrence in South Africa and I think we have become so accustomed to bad service that we don’t know what good customer service is anymore. Hey Gorgeous strives to give the best possible customer service possible and if there’s a slip up (which doesn’t happen often) we more than make up for it. I can’t tell you how many times Pheebs just randomly sends products to a regular customer.

Then there’s Tanya from Rain Africa – what an amazing person and I think she deserves major credit for having her finger on the button at all times – expect GREAT things from her and Rain Africa (totally want to do a collaboration with the awesome ladies from Rain Africa). Doing a lekke give away with them, you’re gonna LOVE their products too. And you don’t have to take my word for it – just search the internet for reviews and you’ll see that they’re internationally known! In my opinion, it’s not only thanks to their amazing products but also their excellent customer service.

I read about Oh Lief in the Ideas mag and I thought they are doing a wonderful job. Just last night I placed my order with them (been dying to try their body waxes for quite some time now). It was well past 10pm and they responded to my Tweet immediately! I absolutely LOVE service like this and because I’m such a whack job over natural beauty and skin care and because I believe in giving credit where credit is due I feel it is my duty to give these brands and their staff the coveted 4 paws up… even Pretty gives the 4 paws up and she’s really hard to please!


Dizzy Daisy in Plattekloof Village: They started out as a bakery, but they’ve revamped their shop and now it’s a coffee shop as well. The reason for this mention is because their red velvet cupcakes are the best I’ve ever bought. Definitely try the mini ones – only R30 for 12 (so cheap). You can give them a call on 021 5580034 and be sure to try their Apple tarts too. YUMMEE!!

DaisiesPS… if it looks like there should be more cupcakes in this pic… it’s because I started munching them on my way to my car (this is why I can’t lose weight).

Lots of love and Sunday hugs

Hipstyler and Pretty!


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