Review – Hey Gorgeous coconut Ice bath fizzies

Hey Gorgeous' Coconut Ice Bath Fizzies - R120 for 12

Hey Gorgeous’ Coconut Ice Bath Fizzies – R120 for 12

When these puppies first hit the Hey Gorgeous Facebook page I nearly died. Since I’m a try-dieter and finding it especially difficult to lose weight this winter, these bath time treats effortlessly manipulated my weak my mind.

I fired off a “most wanted” email to the ladies at Hey Gorgeous and when I received all my goodies I absolutely had to have a go at the fizzies first. I took one and left the opened packet on the kitchen counter; I locked myself in the bathroom with my freshly made beauty product and popped one into the hot bath water. The fizzie loved the hot water as it released the Epsom salts, Jojoba and essential oils.

I did exactly what it said on the packet “Pop one of these yummillicious fizzies into your bath water and relax” – there really isn’t much to it.

I felt my muscles relax – everything was blissfully quiet as I sipped on my glass of wine (because that’s how I roll sometimes) until a shriek and a talented use of words sounded from the kitchen. I heard a shuffle, pots falling, more cussing and then finally a loud scream. “Oh my goodness” I thought, “There’s a robber in the house!” By this time I was steadily making my way (slipping and sliding on the tiles) towards the kitchen. I had my wits about me and grabbed a broom to fight off the possible intruder.

I found Ginger hunched over the kitchen sink trying desperately to get the residual coconut bath fizzie taste out of his mouth. I swear I tried to stifle my laughter but on the packet it does in fact say “Do not eat even though it smells delicious”. I suppose I couldn’t blame him too much, because they smell and look like the real deal.

If you’re planning to enrich your bath time experience with these gorgeous fizzies, please keep out of reach of children and your man-child husband/boyfriend/fiance. Or, keep your video camera handy…. just kidding!

Send your order to and try it for yourself! You won’t be sorry!


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