Review – RAIN – African Mafura Butter Olive oil soap

On Saturday morning as I woke up sneezing (thank you Cape Town allergy inducing weather!) I was extremely excited. Excited, because the wonderful Tanya from Rain has sent me a little gift that I planned on picking up at the post office after my morning gym session.

Sweaty, snotty, hot and bothered, I jumped into my skedonkie and motored off to the post office to collect my gift. I collected the package and bolted back to the car and annihilated the packaging like a kid on Christmas morning. Inside was the most wonderful light olive coloured soap and Wild Cotton hand lotion and even through the burning sensation in my nose, I could smell the wonderful eucalyptus in the soap.

I only truly got the chance to appreciate the full glory of the beautiful soap when I got home after my month end shopping spree. And of course I had to take some pics to show you…..

Wild Cotton hand lotion (handbag sized) - R45 and the Olive oil Soap - R39

Wild Cotton hand lotion (handbag sized) – R45 and the Olive oil Soap – R39

I’m ashamed to say that I’ve forgotten how awesome handmade soaps are. We don’t realise how much work and effort and brilliant ingredients go into the production of one single hand made soap. The ingredients of this particular soap is as follows:

Water, Sodium Sunflowerseedate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Sodium Olivate, Eucalyptus Dives Leaf/Twig Oil, Trichilia Emetica seed Butter, Algea, Limolene and Linalool.

Now, I know all these “hard-to-pronounce” ingredients seem foreign but you can be guaranteed that if it comes from RAIN, it’s good for you. In short, it conditions, cleans and softens the skin and it makes your skin smell good too!

Here’s what I thought….

Hand lotion – R45 – Wild Cotton order here

I have horrible hands in winter – they’re red, dry and puffy – not a pretty sight. I had just run out of hand lotion (Sally Hansen) and was planning on heading over to Clicks to coerce (if I had to) another tube of hand heaven out of them. I was hesitant to try a new hand lotion because I’m a creature of habit and grew very fond of my Sally Hansen, but when I felt the velvety texture on my hands and the instant relief of the Shea butter, I was sold! It is conveniently sized and priced and fits nicely into your budget and your handbag. I’m addicted!!!

African Mafura Butter olive oil soap – R39 – order here

I appreciate the fact that the soap is handmade and for this reason, most of all, I love it! It smells great, it’s good for your skin and it cleans brilliantly. It loves warm water and releases the wonderful smells of the “good-for-you” ingredients beautifully. You’ll feel like a new person after using these soaps and I’m pretty sure that once you go RAIN, you’ll never have a pain. Hand made soaps also make great gifts…. my birthday is coming up in November…. just saying!

My first RAIN experience was an awesome one and if you have never checked out their products, you better have a look here. Their service is excellent and you’ll be treated like royalty!

Follow them on Twitter – @rain_africa and visit their V & A Waterfront store! I’m planning on popping over just as soon as my skedonkie is fixed.

Hugs and RAIN soap

Hipstyler…. Pretty’s here somewhere…


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