Get the most out of your Hey Gorgeous products – PART 1

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By now, most of you have heard of and tried the wonderful Hey Gorgeous products that I shamelessly blast all over Twitter. And if you’ve purchased your own Hey Gorgeous products already, you may have noticed the 6 – 8 week shelf life. This just shows again that these products aren’t the run-of-the-mill natural beauty product – they really don’t use any preservatives.

I get a lot of questions from people asking how they should go about using the massive amount of product they received and I’ve come up with a couple of good ideas for you. In fact, these ideas aren’t limited to only Hey Gorgeous products – try it with any other natural product you have difficulty finishing.

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The Hey Gorgeous body mousses

Hey Gorgeous has a variety of different body mousses and it is easy to get side tracked and buying another pot of mousse before your current one is finished… guilty as charged. I am currently in possession of 2 body mousses – Ginger Rose and Chocconut (Review coming soon). Here are a few ideas for other uses of the Hey Gorgeous body mousses:

  1. Treat yourself to a body mask – This works better in summer when you don’t mind laying on the bed butt naked and sipping on a Pina Colada. Quite simply – slather a thick layer of mousse on your body and relax for 10 minutes – let it absorb into your skin and then take a shower to get rid of the residual mousse.

  2. Make a hair mask – This might sound strange but because Hey Gorgeous only uses natural ingredients, it is perfectly OK to use the body mousses as a hair mask too. The Shea butter and essential oils in the mousses will nourish and hydrate your hair. All you have to do is to simply apply it on dry unwashed hair and leave on for a couple of minutes. Wash and blowdry and you’re ready to go.

  3. Hydrating mist – In a pot over medium heat – heat up a 500ml bottle of still water and 2 tsps of the mousse. Pop in a vitamin C tablet and dissolve. Let it cool and pour into a spray bottle (something that makes a mist when it sprays). Pop it in your handbag and mist whenever you feel like you need some hydration. The Vitamin C is great for your skin too and will brighten your skin tone.

  4. Hand and foot mask – all you need to do is scrub your hands and feet thoroughly, apply a thick layer of mousse and put on your thickest socks and a pair of gloves. It would be best to keep it on overnight but not a must.

  5. Sharing is caring – In my case, I don’t have to ask… Ginger already helps himself to my beauty stuff… NOTHING is sacred anymore. The other night we watched Dexter in bed while waiting for the “Just Add Water” masks to dry. But, sharing is caring and it gives your partner the softest skin too.

You’re welcome to let me know if you can think of more uses. I’m planning on posting more additional uses of other Hey Gorgeous products so keep an eye out for these.

Happy Tuesday all!!

Hipstyler, Pretty & Ginger



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