Avon and Beauty Bulletin Review – look one

Oh Em Gee, that's meee

Oh Em Gee, that’s meee

When I got the message that I would be receiving an Avon Colour pallet (and complimentary products) to review I was at work sitting at my desk and having the worst day ever. I got up from my chair and did a little happy dance because it is the first time I’m receiving a product to review from Beauty Bulletin so I’ll try my best to do you proud BB!!

After annihilating the post office packaging I was pleased to find inside:

IMG_0254 (800x600)

Avon metallic colour pallet


IMG_0255 (800x600)

Avon Glimmerstick – blackest black – lurve this

I’ve been wanting to try the metallic look for a while now but was simply too scared to try something so daring. What you need to know about me and makeup is this – I’M A WUSS! I prefer to sticking to what I know. But, seeing as I had some free time that afternoon and seeing as I had a very fancy “to do” later that evening, I thought I’d have a little fun.

First off – I have to apologize for the poor quality of the picture of me in this post, but it was the only one that I’m willing to show you. Instead, I’ve got the idea for you in the pic below:

IMG_0252 (800x600) (2)

August Glamour chick

Step numero uno:

With Metallic colours you need something that serves as a base for the powder to stick to. My skin is very sensitive to any sort of moisturiser so I use natural skin care products. I used Hey Gorgeous’ tinted moisturiser (R185 – mocca shade)

IMG_0252 (800x600)

Hey Gorgeous – Caramel tinted moisturiser – R185

Step numero dos:

For an evening look, as you know, colours have to be bolder. I used my black shimmer stick from Avon (Thank you ladies) lining the eye and the lid – now you have your parameters to work around – it makes your eyes pop.

Step numero Tres:

Cover the entire lid with the silver shadow and be generous.

Step numero Quatro:

Cover a thick brush (I got this entire set from Ralo for only R25 – neat huh?) with the shade of blue you want to apply and sweep from the inside corner straight through to the outside corner (keeping eyes closed of course) – it should look like a rectangle. Now you start blending.

IMG_0262 (800x600)

Eye Brush set from Ralo – R25

Step numero Cinco:

Apply mascara – In the Avon spirit I applied my old faithful Avon Super enchant mascara. Don’t apply to the bottom lashes!! We only want those top lashes to “wow” and awe.

Avon Super Enchant

Avon Super Enchant

Step numero seis:

Using a neat blush brush (also from Ralo and for only R27) and your choice of blush, sweep in a circular motion from your forehead down to cheek bone. The point of blush is to make you look sun kissed… not like a Russian nesting doll. Blush the tip of your nose and your chin too. Tip – it should look like you’ve spent the day in the sun.

Ralo blush brush R27

Ralo blush brush R27

Step numero siete:

Because I wanted the focus on my eyes and because I wanted to stick as much as possible to the look in the pick above, I opted for a nude colour lippie. I month or so ago I won an Apocalips (celestial) from Rimmel and I loved it so much that I got it’s sibling – nude Eclipse (R89 from Clicks) and it worked very well with the look I wanted to go for.

Rimmel Apocalips in Nude Eclipse - R89 from Clicks

Rimmel Apocalips in Nude Eclipse – R89 from Clicks

I should also mention that I like makeup when it’s easy and this was VERY easy to accomplish and if I can do it, so can you.

Thanks Avon and BB!! I’ll be posting some more looks as I go along.



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