Why do you blog?

Why do you blog

Why do you blog

There aren’t many things better than getting appreciation for the blood sweat and creative tears you pour into your blog. So when I got this DM from an amazing new discovery on Twitter – Philosophia Botanica “I love the passion behind your posts” I had to catch a breath quickly. Someone likes my writing! (I’m busy with a post on Philosophia Botanica – go check out their website in the meantime)

A short while ago, South African Bloggers asked “why do you blog”. Honestly, I didn’t intend for this blog to be nearly as dysfunctional as it is but in light of my diversely opinionated nature (even when I’m very ignorant about the subject matter) this blog is now dedicated to nothing and everything at the same time. Yes, the beauty subject has seemingly taken center stage in this blog but what you have to understand, and what I have also come to learn in a very short period of time, is that beauty has been inaccurately labelled as a shallow girl’s sport.

Beauty is not just skin deep – it’s the way a good mascara makes you feel. It’s the way the discovery of new beauty brands flairs up the excitement within you. It’s about the sisterhood amongst the female bloggers who share their latest beauty experiences and the way it can brighten up your mood after a dark, long and hard day at work.

Sometimes, this blog is my online diary and my poor blog followers are subjected to my deep dark feelings. The best thing about these posts is that they are REAL and from the heart. It’s something that might be useful and relevant to someone somewhere in the world. If I manage to convince one person throughout my blogging career that “You are not alone”, my job here is done.

Then there’s my extreme FOMO – FEAR OF MISSING OUT. I joined Twitter to be in the know. Facebook didn’t really do much for me. But when I joined the blogging community I had the need to tell everyone about awesome products and new brands so that they could also get to experience the awesomeness of my discoveries. I’ve stumbled upon 4 awesome brands in the last week and I’ve already written about two of them – Blendbox and Aviv Mirkin. As mentioned in my “Things I’d do for free” page, I’m all about the pretty, the handmade and the witty and if there’s a new brand showcasing any of the aforementioned, I want to be the one giving others the scoop. I absolutely LOVE new brands and welcome any information they can give me to blog about – it’s kinda my crack.

At the risk of sounding like an aspiring actress waitressing in Hollywood, I really hope that someone would one day “discover” me and give me a job as a professional blogger or columnist (dream job). Of course, if I’m really serious about this part, I‘d have to clean up my act and start using big words like “osculator” or “saxicolous” (not even spell check know these words, yo) and shake off the Afrikaans-ish grammatical errors I tend to make from time to time.

There really is no one short answer to this question and other people might have different reasons for blogging. I just know that writing is something that I really love doing and I’m meeting awesome bloggers along the way too. I love reading other blogs and seeing what they’re up to. I love the people I get to meet from the different brands that I feature on my blog and I love the brands that I feature. I think it’s a combination of all of the above that makes me come back every night to write a piece for the next day. It may seem tiring to most people, but it relaxes me.

What are your reasons for blogging? I would love to know – tweet me or comment below, or write your own post! You’ll definitely get a comment from me!


10 thoughts on “Why do you blog?

  1. Thanks for the related article blog love. Today’s post was a satirical look at what makes a a blog better. Huge dose of salt comes free. Look for Part 2 Wednesday.

    I blog for fun and to go crazy insane with my comments. Satire and sarcasm are the two words best used to describe my posts. Not many people get that but it’s how I roll.

    Nice blog “skin” by the way. *grin*

  2. I’ve actually started a blog for a university class, but I’m finding that I really enjoy it (so far I’m only 2 posts in, so I’m hoping it’s not just a ‘honeymoon period’). It’s nice to think that people enjoy reading your writing 🙂

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