What’s in your handbag?

Yes yes… I’m about 5 months too late with this one, but between then and now I didn’t have anything in my Nine West to brag about… besides the bag. Now, I present to you what’s in my handbag at all times:

The creatures in my bag

The creatures in my bag

They get me through the day looking and feeling fantastic and if they work for me, they can surely work for you.

Nivia Energy Fresh antiperspirant

Nivea Fresh - antiperspirant

Nivea Fresh – antiperspirant

I always have one of the Nivea antiperspirants in my bag. My favorite is the Black & White one but I’m not one to be fussy. I’ve never tested the 48h promise but I’m sure Nivea wouldn’t lie about something like that. Look out for specials at Clicks – you could pick it up for as little as R18!

Rimmel (800x600)

Rimmel Scandaleyes

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK and the volumeflash Scandaleyes Mascara from Rimmel is definitely bringing it awn. I’ve used mascaras from different brands before – each of them promising a different outcome. The WOW factor was lacking until ….. SCANDALEYES by RIMMEL. In fact… I’ve decided – until further notice, my fave makeup brand will be Rimmel. They gave us Apocalips and the Clean Finish Matte foundation – what more do you want?? My stumpy lashes look 10 times longer. The eyes are what people (should) look at when they’re talking to you – I want people to be in awe. Thanks Rimmel!!!!

Oh Lief (800x600)

Oh Lief – body wax – Grapefruit

Nope, this is not a super sized lip balm (but I have been applying generous amounts onto my lippies). It’s A BODY WAX…. some of you might be like… yeah whatever… but I’m telling you… this is the best thing ever. Since I got it (only a week ago and look at the dent I made already) I’ve kept it in my cluttered Nine West and lugged it with me everywhere I went. I’ve invited people to smell the lovely citrus scent and urged them to get their own (because this one’s mine biatch). It retails for R95 and will last you a long time. Basically it’s like Vaseline, but nicer. I love the packaging and the excellent service I got from the ladies at Oh Lief and I loved the option of having it couriered to me at only R35 extra (seriously cheap). Now, it’s my trusty sidekick in the battle against dry skin!

Oh so Heavenly Hand sanitizer - less than R20 at Clicks

Oh so Heavenly Hand sanitizer – less than R20 at Clicks

Nope, I’m not a Germaphobe… Per say… but I don’t like public restrooms and I can’t help imagining all the germs that stick to the yuckiness of everything inside a public restroom. So, I keep my Oh so Heavenly hand sanitizer… ah hem… handy… at all times. It’s a 3 in 1 which means it cleans, protects and moisturizes. It comes in various different scents – my fave being the Hoola Hands one. You can get it at any Clicks – it is so worth it.

Rain (800x600)

Wild Cotton Hand lotion – R45 – by RAIN

This is absolutely one of THE BEST hand lotions I’ve ever used. One of the many body parts I’m absolutely paranoid about is my hands. I’m so conscious of what people think of my hands that I always hide it away. But since I’ve been using my Wild Cotton Hand lotion, my winter stricken hands want to come out and play. I’ll even go as far as to say “Move on over Sally Hansen! You’ve met your match!” The smell is clean and fresh and simply put – AMAZING! I am hooked and before I run out, I need to sort myself out with some more!!

Hey Gorgeous (800x600)

Vitamin C Serum (R195) and Lip Balm (R45) from Hey Gorgeous

I know right… a serum in my handbag. If you think that’s bad, I applied it in the lift this morning coming to work. I’m nuts about this serum. If you don’t know how good Vitamin C is for the skin: it improves skin elasticity, it improves skin tone and it fights aging (just to name a few). And when my sporadic outbursts of acne attacks, I’m ready with some serum to dot on there. Technically, it’s not really for acne but if it works, it works, right?

The lip balm is just amazing. I’m not sure what is in there, but it is simply divine – the best lip balm I’ve ever had. It’s sort of beady when you apply it but it melts instantly on the lips and keeps it hydrated and soft throughout the day. Another plus about the Hey Gorgeous products – It’s not tested on animals AND they use all natural and organic AND vegan ingredients… this makes me happy!

So, now you’ve seen what’s in my bag. I’m a simple girl who needs very little things but these are my musts and I hope you liked it 🙂

love and gingerbread men



9 thoughts on “What’s in your handbag?

  1. I love What’s in my bag? posts!
    It’s always interesting to see what others have in their bag ^_^

    I carry my tub of Hey Gorgeous Choc Mint Mousse in my campus bag and on occasion I would whip it out while I’m walking to class 😀 lol. I do have a mini container with some in too.


  2. Thank you so much for including my blog post in your related articles! I have to say I really enjoy reading “what’s in my bag” posts. I don’t know what it is about them that is so addicting, but it can be very neat to see what others find they need to have with them at all times!

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