Review – Blendbox’ “Firm” body scrub

From the moment I received my special box of love from BlendBox mastermind, Miemie, I was overcome with excitement. Not only did I just experienced the worst week ever, but I was tired, sad, frustrated and simply put – MISERABLE.

Blendbox Firm Body Scrub

Blendbox Firm Body Scrub

I demolished the courier packaging and started taking pics for twitter 🙂 THANK YOU SO MUCH, MIEMIE! The scent of Citrus uplifted my mood instantly as did the beautiful packaging. I really felt the love Miemie put into putting the gift together for me. The pretty logo briefly tricked me into thinking I was shopping at a farmer’s market, which is one of my pastimes.

What you don’t know about me is that I was an aspiring botanist/aromatherapist and even made my own beauty products using essential oils and butters when I was younger. Naturally, when I saw which ingredients they use, I could understand why they promoted the scrub as a cellulite fighting scrub. With the likes of Shea Butter, Avocado Butter and Cocoa Butter your skin will not only be moisturized but soon you’ll start to see a difference in your skin tone. Cellulite looks worse when the skin isn’t properly moisturized. The scrub also contains a blend of firming essential oils and by the smell of it, I’m guessing it includes lemongrass oil, which is notorious for its detoxifying properties and is something that I’ve used in my own anti-cellulite concoctions before.

Another thing you don’t know about me is that I’ve been fighting the cellu-fight for years… ever since high school in fact. It has been the sole reason for me delaying the showcasing of my Guess bikini on Big Bay’s sands. I’ve used just about every ointment under the sun. I’ve tried cupping, drinking copious amounts of water and even CARBOXY (which is painful to the max). It’s safe to say that I’ve gone to the extremes. Through my adventures of discovering the cure for Cellulite I have concluded that I will NEVER go without a good body scrub. Besides the fact that a scrub improves blood circulation, it also exfoliates the skin and makes it easier for your anti-cellulite gel to be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin.

I eagerly popped into the bathroom to try out my new scrub. I know it seems as if I exaggerate when I try out new products, but I really am like a kid on Christmas morning when I get graced with the presence of a new beauty treat and this time was no exception. I dug my fingers into the generously oiled scrub and was immediately reminded of fine white beach sand. I think this might just be the year that I strut my stuff on the beach.

The scrub is fine but wonderfully exfoliating and I just cannot get over the smell. It is so uplifting and fresh that the week’s blues was immediately wiped away. If all else fails and it doesn’t help my cellulite situation I would certainly obtain another jar of this loveliness simply because I love the smell and the feel of the scrub. It’s oily and it moisturises wonderfully and it is in my opinion, one of THE BEST scrubs I’ve ever used.

Blendbox is truly going places and I just love the interaction with their clients. You feel loved and appreciated and just like my friend, Heather, said in her post about the Blendbox Hatchling range – this is a fabulous label. There’s something for everyone – young and old and you can be sure that you’ll hear more from me about this brand.

Firm Body scrub - R125 for 200ml

Firm Body scrub – R125 for 200ml

Visit their site and place your order with Miemie – and she will sort you out – I give it the coveted 4 paws up!

Love and tempura prawns



4 thoughts on “Review – Blendbox’ “Firm” body scrub

  1. Ha ha ha… I feel so special you quoted me 🙂 … happy dance!. Seriously though this is such a fabulous brand and it oozes the love and care that Miemie shows to everyone. Yet again proves that your product is a reflection of you! Fab post hun
    x x x Heath

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