DIY Lip scrub

A while ago I posted about my chocolate affair with The Body shop and I mentioned that the lip balm wasn’t my favorite. A normal person would have thrown it away, but not me. I suffer from severe separation anxiety and as soon as the item is disposed of, I regret it. That’s why the cupboards in my tiny little apartment (aptly named “Tiny Temper”) are overflowing with all sorts of knickknacks that might serve a purpose in the future.

I have, however, come up with a very useful second purpose for my Body Shop lippie and it is so simple, you can do the same with yours.

Step one – Decide on a lippie you’d like to revolutionize. I’ve chosen my Body Shop Choccomania lippie.

Step two – add 1 to 2 teaspoons of caster sugar to the tubbie and mix with the handle of the teaspoon. It works very well.

Step Three – scoop a tiny amount using your finger and apply to lips as if you were applying lipbalm. Now scrub gently.


Step Four – leave on to soak in for about 2 minutes and then gently remove using a tissue or wet wipe.

And voila! Pretty lips are yours.

Easy huh?


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