Thursday Happiness

I know it’s Thursday… or Friday eve if you will, but Thursdays are heavy for me because I am honestly, just so damn exhausted I could go to sleep and never wake up.

So, instead of wallowing in self-pity, I’ve decided to embrace the day that is best known as the before Friday and celebrate the little “pick me ups” that make life a little more tolerable.

  1. SEASON 5 OF THE VAMPIRE DIARIES STARTS 10 OCTOBER 2014 um tsss um tsss um tsss happy dance

  2. THE FIRST EPISODE OF “THE ORIGINALS” AIRS 3 OCTOBER 2014 happier dance KLAUS dance kissing sound effects

  3. RAIN RAIN don’t go away – Cape Town has been drenched in heavy rain over the past 2 days but the RAIN I’m talking about is the kind that leaves your skin moisturised and smelling delish! Do yourself a favour and try their Earth Eggs. I managed to briefly entertain Ginger with the dissolving process in the bath. Oh, sorry, I get ahead of myself again. Basically, the earth egg is a bath fizzie that looks like an egg. You get different types of eggs (I wish I could remember the fragrances). They crack open in the bath and the “shell” dissolve from the fizzy egg. This was something that my dear Ginger enjoyed thoroughly. And the dirty bath? Who cares? My skin was as soft as a baby’s bottom. so I was not phased in the least.

  4. Pheebs – after having yet, another horrible week behind me and not knowing what my future holds for me, Pheebs … my ever present guardian angel rescued me. There’s a symbiosis that exists between the two of us, she seems to love me and I love and adore her!! She made me feel tons better and now I have the strength of 5 bears in me.

  5. Naeema and Amina – My two besties just know how to make me smile. I love them and cannot wait to see them for a much deserved tea and cake.

  6. Ginger – he has been my rock… he’s my everything – nuff said

  7. FOREVER LOVE – I placed my first order with Aviv just yesterday and I am super duper stoked to get my bunny ring. Expect mundo pics when I pick up my and my sis’ bunny rings).

  8. SIS… we are so in sync… not the band… that we could have been twins. She makes me happy.

  9. BLENDBOX Firm Body scrub – whenever I’m down, the smell of this scrub gets me going and immediately uplifts my mood. So much so that I just had to place another order with the lovely Miemie ( – I cannot go without it.

  10. Philosophia Botanica – Since I’ve been blogging, I’ve been lucky enough to meet the most wonderful people in the beauty industry. Philosophia is currently launching in the UK but the busy Francezca still makes time to DM me and I cannot wait till next year when she’s back so I can finally meet the wonderful person behind this brand. As you know, I’m obsessed with natural beauty. They’ve taken it a step further… they’re teaching others the tricks of the trade and their treatments too. Go check out their website and be in awe of their amazing products. I’m trying their cellulite serum and their mustard bath soak… I’m sure it is going to be a massive hit!!!


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