A leap of faith


I’ve been offered an amazing opportunity by a friend of mine who has been trying for almost 4 years to get her business to the next level but because she doesn’t have the capacity to take on new clients and opportunities that come her way, she was unable to grow the company. I’ve been asked to help her get to the next step up and to grow the company. Immediately my heart stopped, because the control freak Scorpio that I am refused to let go of the little control and stability I have in my life. For a month, I’ve been mulling over the possibility of taking the risk and leaving my comfort zone to pursue the chance to become a big part of the new company – it’s been mentally exhausting. The back and forth and the self-doubting weighed heavily on my heart.

Over the last 2 weeks an abundance of “signs” turned up around every turn and corner and it became clearer to me that my purpose was to take and run with this opportunity, but fear was my biggest hurdle.

I’m not unhappy at my current employer and this made the decision making even more challenging and the words “Why fix something that isn’t broke” resonated in my mind.

I turned to my religion – now, I’ve heard many people mock before: “grown ups’ imaginary friend” and I’m not talking about Christianity specifically. Many a atheist have knocked down the Islamic religion – not to mention Buddhism. Up until 3 days ago I didn’t have a new employee’s contract in my possession and I made it very clear to Ginger that I wouldn’t resign if I don’t have a new contract. I sat at my desk – a bounty of paperwork – and shot up a prayer of desperation. “God, if you would like me to move on, won’t you please spark something so that I get my new contract? Whatever You decide, I will do” And wouldn’t you know… that night, the contract was emailed to me. I was at a loss for words and there was no arguing with this sign even though all my logic fought against this bold move.

I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I feel more at ease knowing that I have God’s backing on this decision and I remind myself every time that I have 10 years’ experience in this field that I have managed (over the passed 10 years) to survive. I am sure that I’m able to make a success of this new turn that my life is taking and as Jennifer Aniston says “There are no regrets in life, just lessons”.

So, sticking to my “Say Yes” attitude I had with Hey Gorgeous and stepping out of my comfort zone, I solute you in taking this leap of faith into the unknown.

love and Hey Gorgeous Strawberry and Black Pepper Scrub



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