(Review & Competition) – Kalahari Melon & Honeybush body polish

Tanya from Rain has done it again. She’s managed to make my week with her generous nature and the wonderful Biologie Kalahari Melon & Honey Bush body polish. Towards the end of last month I visited the Rain store in the Waterfront for the first time. Good thing too, because I let my nose do the deciding.

Biologie, Kalahari melon & honeybush scrub

Biologie, Kalahari melon & honeybush scrub

After smelling everything in the store it felt like love at first smell for me and the Biologie Kalahari Melon & Honey Bush polish. Needless to say I started tweeting all about my new love over a Spur milkshake and burger.

Yesterday I collected a package from the post office which contained 2 body polishes. The shriek of joy that belted from my vocal chords deafened Ginger after which he asked “Is the other one for me?”

Biologie Kalahari Melon & Honey Bush body polish

I’m a scrub maniac. In fact… maniac might not be the best word for it. I have a serious scrub addiction – I consider myself to be a scrub savant. I have been using and making my own scrubs for years and I always love trying something new.

Typically I enjoy a more abrasive scrub but I have been known to enjoy a finer scrub too. I love the word “polish” in this scrub because it adequately describes the texture – it really does polish off the skin and it leaves it wonderfully moisturised leaving behind a thin, fresh smelling layer of Kalahari Melon oil. Add the Honey bush which is an amazing anti-oxidant and you can look forward to a healthier looking skin. The scrub retails for R115 for 150g which, for the quality of the ingredients and the beautiful sand blasted glass pot, is incredibly affordable. What’s more is that the products are 100% natural and cruelty free and as you know… this is a make or break for me when buying beauty products.

The best thing about this scrub for me is the smell – it is uplifting and it lingers the entire day. It is a must in my books and definitely recommend using this scrub if you’re riddled with dry winter skin.

Now for the fun part…

As I’m writing this, Rain’s twitter following is on 956. They only need 44 more followers to reach the big 1000 mark. Let’s get them there by tweeting “I want to win some @rain_africa pretty please @leanahenke. U can win too http://bit.ly/1atnNAs”

After you’ve tweeted, make sure you’re following @rain_africa and get your friends to follow them too. Comment on the post below and as soon as Rain has reached 1000 followers you can win one of these amazing scrubs! The more you tweet the better your chances.

Make sure to check out their website and do yourself a favour and visit their stores – even if it is just to familiarize yourself with the amazing smells.

Love and Biologie




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