Review – Blendbox Firm, Soft and Hatchling

Blendbox - Hatchling, Firm & Soft

Blendbox – Hatchling, Firm & Soft

I have come to the conclusion that Miemie Viljoen is one of God’s angels disguised as a human who’s mission on Earth is to give us the best that nature has to offer in the form of BLENDBOX. However sweet and loveable she is, she has managed (just like a drug dealer) to convert me into a Blendbox Firm body scrub addict. I found myself rocking back and forth as I watched the declining level of my scrub and panicking for pay day to come so that I can get my fix again. Hi, my name is Hipstyler and I’m a Blendbox-a-holic.

The other day, when the Berco man dropped off my parcel of goodies, the important work papers took the back seat while I signed for my Blendbox of love and happiness. Inside, in addition to my beloved Firm scrub, I found 3 smaller jars of body butters – Firm, Soft and Hatchling. Now, if there’s one thing I love more than scrubs, it’s body butters and I’ve been gaping at the Soft and Firm butters on the Blendbox website, thinking “Should I? Shouldn’t I? Of course I should, but which one?”

Loot (800x600)

Soft hand cream

I couldn’t believe the immediate relief I felt after applying this hand cream. I have said numerous times that I am totally obsessed with aging hands. I always have a hand serum or something. And… I don’t do dishes. So I’m somewhat of an expert as far as hand lotions are concerned. Blendbox’ Soft hand cream far exceeded my expectations. It is very rich so if you’re not planning on doing anything for the rest of the evening after your shower, I suggest you indulge in a DIY Blendbox Soft hands treatment. Just scrub your hands and slather on some Blendbox and put on those winter gloves. You’ll be amazed at how soft they feel after an hour or so.

Soft (800x600)

Hatchling body butter
The Blendbox Hatchling range is specially formulated to fight stretch marks that is so synonymous with pregnancy. When I hear “essential oils” and “pregnancy” in the same sentence I generally feel alarmed but contrary to popular belief, many essential oils are suitable for use during pregnancy. Besides this revelation I find comfort in knowing that Blendbox has spent 15 years researching and working on their formulas to bring us the best and safest products that nature has to offer.
The smell is soft and delicious and the texture is rich. I couldn’t place the smell but I am guessing Ylang-Ylang and if it is so, then you can look forward to a soothing and relaxing moisturiser that will lift your mood and your … ah hem… Sex drive. I tried a little and love it and shared the love with a pregnant friend of mine.

Hatchling Body Butter

Hatchling Body Butter

Firm body butter
I have become obsessed with the smell of the “Firm” Body scrub and the body butter was no let-down. The Firm range is formulated to target and fight cellulite and ever since I’ve been using it I felt a difference in my skin’s elasticity. I’m really looking forward to doubling up my cellulite fighting routine with the Firm moisturiser. The other plus is the citrussy smell which uplifts your mood and lingers on your skin for hours.

Firm Body Butter

Firm Body Butter

Do yourself a favour and check out their site – and email Miemie your order The service is excellent and I guarantee that you will fall in love her friendly and loving nature.

Love and lots of hope for cellulite free thighs



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