I’ve tasted The Body Shop’s Honeymania!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this short time that I’ve been working with beauty products, it’s the power of people’s fear of missing out (FOMO). Ever since I read the Body Shop email about the launch of the new Honeymania range I’ve been planning my 16th of September 2013 carefully. What made it even more of an EVENT for me was the fact that it’s a one time only 50% off all Honeymania products! eeeeep

Then I saw that the VIP’s of the beauty world got invited to a preview of the range and my outright jealousy flared up like hay fever in Spring. I jumped onto the interwebs and immediately did some research about the range and I found that, in conjunction with the normal scrub, butter and soap combo, they also have an EDT and bath melt (not exactly sure what this is but it’s totally on my list) in this range.

Today, I took a fat chance and went into the Body Shop in Canal Walk and asked the pretty sales assistant if she could sneak me a little something-something to smell to feed my curiosity. My luck was IN!! Because just behind the counter they had some samples in anticipation of the big launch and she was friendly enough to sponsor me with a Honeymania Body Butter sample. LADIES …. I understand what the hype is about and I suggest you get to your nearest Body Shop as early as possible on Monday the 16th to avoid missing out. Me? I’m stuck at the pesky day job until 4:30pm and will possibly (if I’m lucky) only be able to feast on the scraps that the masses have left behind.

But at least I got to taste a little bit of Honeymania heaven!

Body Shop (800x600)


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