Review – The Comforter by Lush

When I was a little girl I used to do whatever I could to make my bath water bubbly and pink. My mom would draw my bath and I would sneak in with my pink colour koki pens and once I even snuck in her red food colouring. To get the bubbles going, I poured in my bubble blowing liquid and whooshed the water. Needless to say, Mom would blow a gasket when she saw what was happening because the consequences would mostly involve her scrubbing me down to get rid of the pink stains on my body.

Towards the end of last month I visited the Lush store in the Waterfront and indulged in a treat for the senses by introducing my nostrils and eyes to the smells and sights that Lush had to offer. The in-store service is excellent and they make you feel like you’re part of something big. The friendly sales assistant told me all about the brand (even though I’m very familiar with the brand – I just let him go on) and he showed me around. Mental note – THE POPCORN LIPSCRUB IS TOTES NEXT ON MY LIST OF MUST HAVES

I treated myself to a lovely pink and white swirl of the Comforter – a solid brick of bubble bath. Ginger helped himself to a Dragon ball or egg…. I can’t remember what the heck it was. Anyways… and off we went with our bath time treasures.

IMG_0431 (800x600)

What I love most about Lush is the fact that their packaging is compostable. I thought the cartoon on the front of the packaging about “Life after Lush” and the picture of the paper bag with wings was pretty cute. Being the huge hippy that I am, of course, I opted to have my packaging composted and cut it into pieces and added it to my little herb garden.

I must admit… if I do the math, R40 is pretty expensive for one bubble bath, but I’m all about trying stuff … at least once. I kept my pink swirl of love in my sock drawer for the purposes of freshening up the stink fest (I’m kidding… or am I?) of a drawer and 2 weeks later I finally decided to use it.


I broke it into 4 pieces and popped it into a hot bath and to my delight… the water turned pink!! It reminded me of the times I would sneak the pink stuff in for bath time. Besides the pink bath water that I’ve always dreamed of having as a child, it made my skin feel wonderfully soft and as an added little bonus I had some bubbles to play with. I’ve heard that the bubbles don’t last very long but I just shook things up a little (Gran used to say “shake the water”) and the water was bubbly again.

In conclusion, it was a lovely bubbly bath and I would recommend that you try it at least once. I think I might just treat myself to a Pink Birthday Lush bubble bath while I sip on some champagne and feast on some Lindt Chocolates… ah hem… whoever is reading this… this is a hint.

Love and Lush bubbles



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