20 things about me

Last week I tweeted something for Hey Gorgeous “Mood lifting tip: write down 20 things about your life that is amazing”. It’s safe to say that, emotionally, the last couple of weeks I’ve been pretty down and out. Be that as it may, I’m always optimistic and I’m always able to pull myself out of a slump.

When I had time to really think about the tweet and read the Hey Gorgeous followers’ responses I reflected and started my list:

  1. Ginger – he’s the best boyfriend a girl could ask for. He’s always there for me when I need him and he is completely honest with me. He’s been my rock and when I broke down, he was there to catch me.

  2. My three best ho’s – Cyndi (The Bride), Mientjie (The Brain) and Melissa (The Sweetheart). Did you know that the mind can only focus on 6 relationships at a time? A while ago I was out to prove this theory incorrect. I thought I had loads of friends, but all I had was a bunch of not-so-strong friendships. Long story short, when I determined who my friends really were I was able to build stronger relationships with them.

  3. Health – this is something most of us take for granted. Even if you have knee problems or an acute ear infection.. you’re still in pretty good health.

  4. Job – I have 2 really awesome jobs. I love Hey Gorgeous and I believe in the brand so marketing the brand is pretty easy and the awesome people I get to meet is just another bonus. My day job does from time to time strip my soul away but the “law” part of it is pretty interesting and for a career that I never planned on entering I’m doing pretty well in it.

  5. Hidden Talents – We all have them. This is a good thing because until we try different things and test the waters, our hidden gems remain hidden. The fun part is unveiling them and developing them.

  6. My Car Schlakkie – yes, she’s a skedonkie but she’s mine… and she’s such a hippie (just like me) with her economic use of fuel and the way she’s all dirty and earth-like. We’re a match made in hippie heaven.

  7. Franceska – The mastermind behind Philosophia Botanica – I fell in love with this brand as soon as I saw what they had to offer. I fell in love with Franceska as soon as the first tweets between us were exchanged. She is currently launching the brand in the UK (sooo excited for her) and this can get really busy but she managed to squeeze in a tweet or so every now and then and it ALWAYS put a smile on my face. I can’t wait for her to get back to SA so we can hook up for a cup of coffee! Plus she sent me some products to try out … reviews coming soon…. SPOILER ALERT… GET YOUR HANDS ON THEIR STUFF… RIGHT NOW!!!

  8. Sis – this list is not in any order at all… so there’s not need to be alarmed folks. 🙂 My sister is my best gal pal. I have known her my entire life… hehehehe… we fought a lot and pulled each others’ hair but she will always be the person I would phone first to bail me out of jail.

  9. South Africa – I could have been living in Zim… I’m happy I live in Cape Town South Africa

  10. Smarts – Yeah… I said it..

  11. My Asus Nexus…. MY FIRST TABLET – IT’S COMING!!!

  12. Always up for a challenge – I have this motto – “life doesn’t give you lemons – it gives you opportunities to grow”. 10 years ago I was a matriculant with no college prospects and no idea what I wanted to do with the rest of my life but I’m extremely proud of where I am today. If it hadn’t been for my “Challenge accepted” attitude I don’t think I would have come so far.

  13. Miemie Viljoen – the mastermind behind Blendbox – I want her to adopt me. The love and joy that comes through in her emails to me washes over into her products too. It is definitely one of my favorite brands. They make great gifts and they’re already so pretty that you don’t even have to gift wrap them.

  14. Mom & Dad – Everyone makes mistakes but you can choose to wallow in pity and write off the people you hurt or you can make amends and try to make up. My parents have definitely been doing the latter. I’m very proud of them.

  15. My family – I have the craziest family ever and I love them to bits.

  16. Baking – Baking makes me happy and I’m pretty good at it too!

  17. The roof over my head – it’s small and cramped but it’s safe and affordable. I love it!!

  18. My normal neighbors – a while ago my neighbors where two prostitutes and their Nigerian pimp. They used to “entertain” their customers right next door and the worst part of it all was that their door faced ours. For almost a year we lived in fear and it was a HUGE process to get rid of them too. But now we’ve got the parents of 2 real life Garfield’s next door to us and they are super normal. We love them.

  19. I’m the MoH at my Best Friend’s wedding – It really is an honour.

  20. Last but not least – Hey Gorgeous. It has proven to be the best thing I could have done. I love the brand!!! And I love Pheebs.

I’m a lucky girl!!



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