Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby(box)

I’m a late bloomer in almost all aspects of life so for those who know me, it comes as no surprise that I jumped onto the Rubybox wagon 2 years after it started. I always knew about it, but I was skeptical as to if the price for the box was justified by the value of the contents. When they said “samples”, my immediate expectation was the sachet sizes you get in magazines.

When Rubybox announced that they’re giving 3 extra samples if you sign up for the September box, I was sold. Here’s what was in my September Ruby box:

  1. Dove Body Milk – I’m in dire need more… where can I find this?
  2. Arpege Eau De Parfum 5ml … It’s not my fave but at least I got to try it.
  3. Black Opal invisible oil blocking Powder
  4. Lash Cards
  5. Va Va Volume mascara – ermerwerd!!!!
  6. Salvatore Ferragamo – Tuscan Soul – body lotion
  7. Salvatore Ferragamo – Tuscan Soul – body wash
September Ruby Box

September Ruby Box

Dove Body Milk

This little bottle of love and happiness is my new favorite body lotion. I love the smell and the way it makes my skin feel. I need a full bottle… I need to find it… where can I find it?

Arpege Eau De Parfum

This is more of an older scent with its white floral and woody top notes. It’s not my favourite but I’m happy I got to try it.

Black Opal Invisible oil Blocking Powder

This is a pretty cool powder to have. It really acts like a deoderant for your face. No oil yo!

Lash Cards

We got two cards. I’ve never tried anything like this before so it was pretty cool to see how it works. It’s basically a card that makes application of your mascara easier and less messy. My lashes were like… WHAAAAT? It looked amazing

Va Va Volume Mascara

I absolutely love this mascara… almost as much as the Rimmel Scandaleyes. It’s light and it doesn’t clump – it’s really awesome.

Salvatore Ferragamo – Tuscan Soul body wash and lotion

This was the high end product of the box this month. I would never have tried it if it hadn’t been put in the box. The full sizes retail for R250 each (yikes) but that’s what I like about Rubybox – a little taste of everything and exposing you to new things.

Then I stumbled upon Beauty Box – another Rubybox-like initiative. The boxes are slightly more expensive (R179) but the products you get are worth way more than R350 and it’s a mix of perfume, skin and hair care products as well as cosmetics. They also don’t talk about sample sizes but rather mini sizes or full sizes. I had a look at the products that have gone out this month (the 20th of each month) and I would gladly have paid R179 seeing as it pretty much covers your monthly essentials.

So I think I might just combine the two because a girl needs her beauty products right? Just as soon as my shopping hiatus is over I will get my claws into both the boxes. Disclaimer…. I’ve already subscribed to 3 months of Rubybox awesomeness!

So In conclusion:

  • Who doesn’t like mystery and presents? Rubybox is definite a must.
  • Where the heck can I find the Dove body milk?
  • Rubybox is like Oprah – You get a Ruby Rand, You get a Ruby Rand and You get a Ruby Rand
  • Looking forward to seeing more from the Beauty Box
  • Rocking back and forth… *FOMO acting up*

7 thoughts on “Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby(box)

  1. I am not the girliest girl and need as much help as I can get in this department, so your post has opened my eyes to trying the “boxes” that are available! Makes perfect sense to me to try something out before laying out the cash and going the whole hog to buying the retail product. Thanks for the inspiration – perhaps there is hope for me yet! 🙂

  2. I have to tell you I had such a chuckle after reading your post. I won a Rubybox subscription (6months) supposed to start in September , first my box did not arrive due to a system error :/ , then when they sorted this out i now see that I only got half the samples in my box … talk about off to a bad start with a beauty blogger …so far it’s a booby prize! Let’s hope October shows a bit more promise …eish man!

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