The Simple Life

Before I even read “The Simple life” article in the Ideas magazine, I was mulling over doing a “simple life” post myself.

If you haven’t read the article, please do yourself a favour and get your October issue of the Ideas magazine. Basically it’s about a couple who had it all – the house, the cars and enough money, but they wondered if their luxurious life was worth the sacrifice of their happiness. So they packed everything up and now they “live” on the road and drive to where they want to be. The pictures reveal their carefree nomad lifestyle in the country side with their dog and the tiny house on wheels. They now make and sell these mobile homes to those who aspire to live a free spirited existence too. Check out their blog.

This lead me to thinking “the more we have – the fewer our options, but the less we have – the more we are forced to think outside of the box“. To illustrate: If you have spent 20 years building a career in finance and have “ceiling-ed” as far as seniority goes, you don’t have many choices, do you? Let’s say that at this point you’re the mature age of 40 with your kids still pretty much depending on you and a bond to pay off. You’re either making ends meet or you’re so attached to the lovely life you’ve worked so hard for over the years that giving it up seems ridiculous.

This free-spirited lifestyle is becoming a trend. I’ve noticed in myself as well that I’d much rather work for half my salary in a carefree environment and cut down than be stuck in the rat race with rattled nerves and suicide tendencies. The days of chasing the dollar are fading unless you’re Donald Trump or Sir Richard Branson.

I imagined my reunion (which is in a month’s time) and wondered who I’d be more jealous of if I heard their life story. Things like successful lawyer, auditor, doctor or award winning journalist don’t phase me. But if you told me that you’re a gym teacher at a private school or that you’re a professional make up artist for the stars or that you work from home doing your own thing I would be super envious.

The notion of living more simply and making time for the more important and irreplaceable things in life is an even more attractive idea to me after hearing that my previous boss (only 44 years old) passed away, leaving behind a wife and 2 small children – the youngest only 3 months old.

What really inspired me to write this post? Now comes the funny part… it was my overflowing beauty cabinet. I’m always looking for the newest thing – the newest trend, but I forget that I have a cabinet full of gems just waiting to be used. So, I’m going back to the simple way of doing things. I’m concentrating on the things that make me happy first and on the not-so-important things later.

So October and the rest of September is dedicated to the simple life and I hope I can inspire you to do the same.

Love and flu meds



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