(Hey) Gorgeous Treats

When a skin care company customizes beauty products to suit your needs and delivers on their countless other promises, it’s a no-brainer as to how I choose my beauty products. And when they keep bringing out new products to tantalize our taste buds with it is easy to see why their Twitter following and Facebook likes keep growing.

Just as their product range keeps growing, so does my list of Hey Gorgeous Must haves. I thought I would share with you the “Still to try” and the “Love it – get it” products.

Still to try

Choconut body mousse (R90)

Choconut body butter

The hybrid body mousse combines the two delicious smells of Chocolate and coconut – I caught a whiff of it but still have to try it myself. With Shea butter, coco and coconut oil you can look forward to a delectably soft skin. The coconut oil is also good news for anyone with eczema as the natural anti-fungal properties of this super ingredient takes care of those try patches. But I should probably finish my Ginger Rose body mousse first hey?

Coconut Hair oil (R165)

coconut hair oil

My highlighted hair loves to be pampered with oil and treatments, but I have yet to find a coconut oil that really does the trick. I’m hoping the Hey Gorgeous coconut hair oil is “Mr. Right” for my hair. If it counts for anything, it looks really yummy – almost like a coconut hair milkshake.

Fudge Body Scrub (R90)


No matter how hard I try I still can’t seem to get my hands on the Fudge body scrub. I don’t know if it’s because I’m just too scared for the subliminal messaging urging me to gauge down copious amounts of actual fudge that keeps me from getting the scrub. But if it is anything like the other Hey Gorgeous scrubs the Fudge scrub is sure to be a winner. Read all about the other scrubs in my Scrubba-dubba do post.

Goji Berry facial mask (165)

Goji Berry Face Mask - R175 for 200g

There are just some things you absolutely have to make time for and I’ve recently discovered that using a facial mask on the regular is one of those things. Quite frankly, it’s really not that much effort. You smear it on and forget about it for the next 10 to 15 minutes. Nothing to it. In fact, I’ve come into the routine of timing my shower and my facial mask ritual so that I have the mask on for 5 minutes and then I shower so that my pores can open up in the steam and soak in the goodness of the mask. Then simply rinse it off in the shower. The Hey Gorgeous Goji Berry facial mask looks absolutely divine. Nobody can argue with this. I looked up the benefits of Goji Berry online and apart from it tasting really good, it is filled with anti-oxidants and loads of vitamins that revitalizes the skin and makes it radiantly beautiful. I like that it’s a body mask too – I can already see myself cling-wrapping my arms and legs with this mask.

Love it – get it

Coconut Ice Bath fizzies (R120 for 10)

coconut Ice

You can read my funny review here but in a nutshell I love the fizzies – mostly because it is extremely appealing to the senses not to mention very relaxing. It contains essential oils and real desiccated coconut as well as Epsom salts and Bicarb which relaxes the muscles. It is a treat!

Choc Mint body mousse (R90)

Choc-mint body butter

This is an oldie but a goodie. You’ll actually find that over time the colour changes slightly green – that’s the peppermint oil and this is how you know that the products are really 100% natural. The Coco powder gives you an instant fake tan and if you look closely you’ll see some sparkle in the moisturizer too. I love it!

Coconut Lime body scrub (R90)

Coconut limeThis was love at first smell for me. And then I touched it and I wanted to marry it. Apart from the usual sugar, the scrub also contains real desiccated coconut! It smells absolutely divine and it makes your skin feel like a million bucks. Do not underestimate the power of coconut – it is a super ingredient and the best thing of it all – you most probably have it in your kitchen. It is a very refreshing scrub and great for shower use!

Rosewater toner (R130)

rose water skin tonerIf there is only one facial product in the Hey Gorgeous range that you use, let it be the rosewater toner. It contains rosewater and glycerine which (you probably know this) is great for the skin. It is super hydrating too, so you wouldn’t even have to moisturize if you don’t think it’s necessary. It smells amazing too…. AND IT’S PINK!!! I even put mine in a little mist bottle and popped it into my bag to double up as an on the go freshen up spray. I got the idea from the ladies when I saw their Orange blossom facial toner which is also in a spray bottle. This is another must! Try it – you won’t be sorry!

And so, in conclusion as my ADD is acting up …

  • Colour me crazy in Cape Town on the 26th of October – OH YEAH!

  • Dove body milk – Hallelujah

  • Rubybox… I’m addicted

  • My birthday – I want some Forever Love jewelry please!

  • Cupcakes… go well with my mouth


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