Philosophia Botanica – Cellulite Serum (Review)

When you’ve optimistically tried almost every treatment and cream and miracle diet on the market to get rid of your cellulite you become resilient to failure. I have collectively over the course of my life spent a small fortune on the next miracle cellulite cure, but as I looked at my bumpy legs in the mirror recently I could slap myself for wasting that money. It doesn’t help that my best friend’s wedding is coming up which means tight fitting silk dresses!

At the moment, there’s an array of products that I’m using almost simultaneously. I’m also on a low carb, high protein diet and take supplements and fat burners to help me out. Why am I telling you this? Well, over the years I’ve heard so many different descriptions of what cellulite is but I still don’t know what it really is. So to be safe, I thought it would be best to cover all my bases.

I’ve been pretty bad during hibernation period (winter) and my normal routine was severely toned down by the lack of heat and motivation. So, if I want to show any skin this summer, it is crunch time – time to bring out the big guns.

PB serum (1024x768)

Just the other day, the ladies from Philosophia Botanica sent me their cellulite serum. It retails for R324 for a decent sized (100ml) squirt bottle of natural cellulite serum. I’ve only been using it for a week now so I can’t report positively on any significant changes. I can however tell you that I love their cellulite fighting approach. The majority of companies lead you to believe that their product is the one single answer to your cellulite nightmare when in fact it’s just one of many steps that has to be followed to get smooth summer ready legs. Philosophia Botanica makes it very clear that there is no easy way out of getting rid of cellulite and this is what I love most about them. They offer natural and honest cosmetics which is very refreshing, especially considering that the competition in the cosmetics industry is so fierce.

What Philosophia Botanica says about the serum: “An invigorating, nourishing & moistening body serum of the highest quality containing botanical oils and healing herbs that work  hard to rid the body of toxins and improve micro circulation while cleansing, toning, tightening and conditioning the skin. Designed to boost your circulation in the troubled area and increase collagen production.”

This covers most of the definitions of cellulite that I’ve heard of. They also suggest dry brushing – strokes towards your heart. Remember, the human body is a very complex machine and the smallest little change in your lifestyle can ripple effect into great change. For example, I’ve always known that drinking a glass of water right after you wake up in the morning helps speed up the metabolism. I never believed it, until desperate times called for desperate measures and I started drinking my glass of water just after waking up. I lost an entire kilo in one week.

So why use a serum? Well, serums’ molecules are smaller than lotions and creams, which means that it is easier absorbed into the skin. So to maximise your serum’s effectiveness, you should exfoliate with a body scrub. It gets rid of old dead skin cells and makes way for glowing new skin cells, which don’t only look better but is also more accessible to serums. This way it can be absorbed effortlessly into the skin and therefore the serum is more effective.

The Philosophia Botanica cellulite serum smells divine – it’s a feast for the senses if you’re a fan of natural scents and oils. You might find it a little too herbal if you don’t fancy the more natural smell. Some of the whiffs you can look forward to are Rosemary, Juniper and Rosehip. The colour is a lovely orange colour – almost like a dark fish oil colour but it is positively moisturising and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily.

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A word of caution though – if you’re planning on wearing a lighter colour pants or dress just make sure that you massage the oil in properly because the colour of the oil may rub off against the clothing.

All in all, getting rid of cellulite is a lifestyle change that involves lots of dedication and hard work as well as a commitment to a beauty and excising routine. Maximise the effect of the Philosophia Botanica Serum by combining it with the Mustard bath soak, which goes for only R80 for 300g… major bargain. The bath soak detoxifies which is what we want when fighting cellulite.

You can also go for a Cupping Anti-Cellulite Body Treatment at the following spas:

    47 Kendal Road, Southern Suburbs,  7800
    Cape Town, South Africa
    Contact: Angela McCarthy  +27 762706033

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