Mustard – not just for your Wimpy chips (Philosophia Botanica)

Whether you’re a bath time goddess or an occasional bath time indulger, you have to admit that nothing beats a good Mustard bath soak. I read up on the benefits of the Mustard bath soak that hails from ancient Greece and I find myself wondering why it’s not next to the Peanut butter in the shops.

Love letter PB (1024x768)

The other day, I received a lovely glass jar filled with Philosophia Botanica’s own Mustard bath soak. Apart from the lovely packaging (eco-friendly) and the stunning hand written note to me, the smell of the soak blew me away. At this time, as Murphy would have it, I was fighting off the symptoms of a sneaky cold and being the stubborn, strong willed Scorpio that I am, I refused to go to the doctor.

Philosophia Botanica Mustard bath soak

Philosophia Botanica Mustard bath soak

That night, I mutilated our geyser (not eco-friendly) and soaked up the Mustard bath soak for about an hour before I finally decided that shrivelled up toes and fingers don’t go so well with my hair colour. Being my “ever-so-observant” self, I only realised the next morning that Mr. Sneaky Cold is well on his way out. It may have been thanks to the wonderful night’s sleep from the night before or the eucalyptus oil that cleared my nose and chest. Either way, the bath soak was to thank.

While researching this miracle soak, I stumbled upon this link  It’s a pretty BIG PDF, so if you’re up for a little bit of a read, go check it out, but I’ll give you the low down. This soak has been around for yonks and traditionally, it was used for detoxification and purification. Now, if you’re somewhat of a cellulite fighting savant such as myself, your sensors should be going nuts right now. Yes, honies, this soak eliminates toxins, restores the body’s pH levels, draws blood to the skin’s surface, increases oxygenation and opens the pores! To me, this sounds like cellulite fighting action but it isn’t even half of it. It also helps to relieve chest congestion and blocked sinuses, all the while aiding your tired, stressed joints and muscles. Mystery of the missing cold – SOLVED! This is really just the tip of the iceberg and totally worth reading up on.

I’ve tested loads of Mustard bath soaks before and I’ve loved them all, but Philosophia Botanica’s soak is ranking number 1 right now. It is amazing value for money – at only R80 for 300g, you can’t afford to pass up on this offer. Check out their website and order yours too.

Let me tell you, in conjunction with their cellulite serum, I’m sure I’ll be hitting the beach this summer in my brand new Guess bikini!

Love and deep lunges (yes, you have to do a bit of that too)



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