It’s been slightly quiet on the Hipstyler, Pretty & Ginger front LATELY, but I have good excuses for
my absence. One of them being that I never pass up the opportunity to enter a competition to win a fragrance and seeing as I was chosen as one of the lucky BB reviewers to be part of the first ever Beauty Bulletin Royalty review club I HAD to do a little effort.

You can check out my video review of the new Killer Queen fragrance by Katy Perry here.

All evidence to the contrary, I have spent a significant amount of time on this video, lost it and had to start all over again. It didn’t help that my video making skills are “Entry level” to say the least and that I had to struggle all the way through it again! The plus side of being an idiot at something is that you can only get better…. Right?

But this is just part of the reason for the lack of posts and I’ll give you the scoop as we go along. For now, just enjoy this stupid video.


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