A short while ago I got invited to attend the Cape Town Radisson Park Inn’s second birthday and I suspect you already know that I was doing a little victory dance when I got the email from Liza Nieuwoudt (what an awesome woman).

Not even thinking of where these people got my details from, I shot a mail off to my bestie telling her that she is my plus one.

Obviously, on the 17th of October we were dressed in our best outfits, snacking on some awesome hors d’oeuvres and sipping on fine wine on the Sunroof Terrace like the rock stars we are.

My night got even better when I got to meet 2 of my favourite bloggers/Tweeps Lisa-Jade and Lauren Groenewald.

There really isn’t much more to say besides “pictures say a thousand words”:

The staff was so professional, fun and friendly and once I was inside the hotel it was easy to forget that I was in the middle of the bustling, grey Cape Town CBD. I had a look at the rooms too and was astonished by the elegance and sophistication, not to mention attention to detail.

We left the Radisson Park Inn that night wishing we had more to drink so that we had an excuse to sleep over. Thank you so much to Nicole Dirks who was the reason my details got sent to Radisson. I honestly had a blast!

Visit their site – http://www.parkinn.com/hotel-capetown


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