The Reunion

3 muskateers

For months I’ve been dreading my high school reunion because I was actively avoiding a certain someone who I knew would be there. But I decided to cough up the R180 for the night in support of my two friends who wanted me to join them. So, in the spirit of friendship, I decided to keep an open mind about the evening.

In the months leading up to the reunion I was haunted by memories of high school and reminded of how much I hated it. I was plotting my revenge in my mind and conjuring up an outfit, shoes and lies to make my life seem more interesting. I thought of hiring an expensive car and make a whopping entrance, all the while playing it cool. Don’t look at me like that… you would have done the same thing.

look into my green eye and then into my blue eye

look into my green eye and then into my blue eye

We rocked up in my friend’s circa 1980’s Volkswagon Jetta and braved the known unknown together like the 3 musketeers. As we walked up the ramp and into the school building we almost expected to see our 18 year old selves yapping away and giggling at the far side of the passage.

We stepped into the school hall and playing overhead was a video montage of our Matric year and it dawned on me “This was TEN years ago!” I should mention that at this point, my nerves were so shot that I had to muster up some liquid courage and between entering the school building and entering the school hall I had 2 glasses of champagne.

We ventured through the school building and waxed nostalgic about band days, lost loves and how easy we had it back then.

The night didn’t pan out the way I imagined it would. I didn’t rock up in a fancy car nor did I do anything special with my hair. I didn’t wear a tailor-made dress or lied about my life and most importantly, I didn’t have a horrible time. As it turns out, my life is pretty great, the outfit I had on showed just enough leg, my hair is naturally awesome and my friend’s car was vintage… which is so cool these days.

The one thing that I do have a potion of bitter sweet feelings about was seeing footage of my 18 year old self. I always wondered why I wasn’t more popular and one look at my “then” self cleared things up. The lack of confidence was so evident in my body language as well as a terrible affliction we knew as “Valley Syndrome”. Valley Syndrome is what the yuppies used to say about people from Parow Valley and I can now clearly see why – MISERY!

The sweet part, however, was sitting back and seeing how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned since then. I was just a girl with a frugal upbringing and no future prospects. There was no money to pursue studying either and today, I have achieved almost everything that I wanted when I was 18 years old. I remember thinking on the last day of school that I want to come back here for my 10 year reunion and be the best version of myself that I could possibly be. Mission accomplished… I’m the best version of myself that I can possibly be at this point in my life.

We left the school grounds feeling relieved, cleansed and happy. And the certain someone I was actively avoiding… well, let’s just say I was looking really good and he was a drunk idiot. evil chuckle.


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  1. Pragtige post. En jys pragtig. J



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