October Beauty-Box

The other morning I received my 2nd Beauty box, courtesy a la Beauty box 🙂 Yup! I was lucky enough to score the second box for free! Normally it retails for R179 and consists of a variety of different well known brands such as Dove, Ponds, Vaseline and Organics. Forget everything you know about beauty boxing… Done? Now imagine a box Filled to the brim with full sized hair and body products, make up and some awesome little extras that just make you smile.

Normally when I get anything delivered to my office the girls go absolutely bonkers, but this time … And I’m just gonna say it … They went ape shit! My efforts to fend off their grubby little hands where futile and I’m now 2 products poorer after being raided. Sacrebleu!!

I was very excited about the second box. We got regular updates on new additions to the box and was happy to hear about the amazing products we’d be getting and at the end of the day 1.8 kilos of beauty bliss was sent to me.

This month I got:
Dove hair repair shampoo and conditioner (been wanting to try it forever)
Dove hair repair treatment
Sample size Dove Body milk
Dove exfoliating soap bar

IMG_0158 (1280x960)
Vaseline hand cream – was lost in the office war
Ponds day cream – perfect because I’m so in the market for a good day cream
Ponds facial toner – can never go wrong with toner
Ponds facial foam wash

IMG_0169 (1280x960)
Some awesome discount vouchers
Heart pendant
Hair spirals – this is so on my to get list
Nail art – yippee
Some chubby eye shadow pencils (2) – very happy about this
Glittery liquid eye liner – I salute you my friend… Also lost in the war
Fake lashes
Lovely little inspirational cards

IMG_0172 (1280x960)
So as you can see there’s more than enough products here to make up well over R400. Let me just say again… FULL SIZED people!!!

If I’ve convinced you to sign up for yours, go to www.beauty-box.co.za and register your profile. I’ve managed to get 2 of my gal pals on board and I’m sure they’re going to love it as much as I do!

Remember, it’s not a recurring kind of thing – you sign up once and pay for the boxes you want, but I’m thinking you’ll want a new box every month!

I only have one question for Dion…. HOW THE HECK DO YOU MANAGE TO PACK THE BOXES SO THAT EVERYTHING FITS? Do you have some sort of box packing degree or something?

Love and calamine lotion

Hipstyler & Ginger… Pretty is on a time out


5 thoughts on “October Beauty-Box

  1. I always see ladies posting these type of beauty boxes on their blogs and I’m always temped to get it…until I realize I’m paying almost R200.00 for a few samples… I think your post might have convinced me though! EEEEEEEEH! Awesome!

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