Snoopzilla?? REALLY

From Snoop Dog to Snoop uncle… I have been there for Mr. Calvin Cordozar Broadus every time. He gave me my go to phrase “Drop it like it’s hot” and I stood by him through his marijuana “skandaal” but let’s face it… die man het dreadlocks en he always sings about getting high… it wasn’t like he was trying to hide anything.

Then, when he decided to try his hand at “Snoop Lion” and a collaboration with Miley Cyrus in the form of Ashtrays & Heartbreaks, I stood by him against my better instincts …. but now I don’t think even Snoop can answer the question “What’s my name“. You see… he is now known as Snoopzilla… ai fok tog.

I think Snoopie need to recognize … there ain’t no tellin  when the fans are gonna be fed up.

Image courtesy

Image courtesy


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