Birthday wish list

My birthday is less than a month away and I haven’t given a thought to what I want to do. Maybe the John Dory thing WILL pan out…

But as for my birthday wish list I have more than thoroughly thought it through:

1) Body shop – Honeymania body butter

index honeymania
2) Blendbox – Firm body scrub – it’s the best smell ever!

3) Rain – 6 earth eggies… I’m so addicted

4) Philosophia Botanica – more Mustard bath soak (that stuff is addictive)

5) Nine west… Need I say more?

bags nine west ,bags, nine west
6) Elie Saab La Perfume (I have a serious need… like serious)

Elie saab
7) 12 month Ruby box subscription… I’m working on this one as a me to me

8) Glamour Magazine subscription…. I absolutely love the Glamour

4990379. Guess Watch – It’s soooooo pretty!!!!!!

10) Jimmy Choo Exotic


I don’t ask for much 🙂 … just what I deserve 😉


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