Colour me loco

This Saturday passed, we went to the Colour me Crazy 5km fun run and music festival at the Ostrich farm in Cape Town.

The Colour me crazy is simply just a huge jol and an excuse to behave mal. Luckily the weather held up.

We foolishly thought we’d be able to leave the house at 9:30, make a turn at McDonalds for a brekkie and shoot off to the Ostrich farm, but while we were munching on our Sausage McMuffins we were smack bang in the middle of a cue to get to the PARKING AREA!!! We made good time though and before we knew it we were doing the 5km fun run.

It was such a lovely day and the farm is much prettier than I thought it would be. At every kilometer there was a colour “shower” and every here and there, there was a water stop, but we ended up only getting showered with 3 colours because the people ahead of us got a bit greedy. We also only got water at one stop and were absolutely famished at the end of the race. Apart from the latter, it was a very well organised event. Even the beer tent was awesomely manned! Well done folks!

If I’m not mistaken, this was the first year for Colour me Cray Cray in South Africa and for a first time event it was really excellent. The lineup was great with artists like Locnville, Goodluck and the DJ that personifies Crazy – MR. ROGER GOODE!

Soooo…. Silly me.. was faffing so much with sunscreen on my face that I totes forgot about my arms. THANK PHEEBS FOR MY COCONUT BODY SOUFFLE!! I didn’t believe her when she said it would ease my post-sun trauma but I followed her instructions and soaked in a Rose petal bath milk bath and moisturised with my coconut souffle and now I’m beginning to feel better. 🙂

coconut souffle


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