Happy Halloween

You know Christmas is almost here when you start seeing Halloween trimmings and knickknacks at The Crazy Store. South Africa is fast becoming one of the bigger consumers of Halloween goodies. Blame it on our weird obsession to Americanize ourselves…

However much I disapprove of the concept of “culture adoption” I have to say that we’ve chosen the funnest parts of different cultures… Hello St Patrick’s day!

I started celebrating Halloween about 5 years ago… After I broke up with my horrible ex boyfriend. It’s been a jol ever since. This year we’re toning it down somewhat but only because I start a new job the very next day…


Here are a few ideas if you want to try a toned down Halloween with very little effort.


Don’t think candles are only for setting the mood. ❤ Think dungeons and dim light… Moehahahaa

Black bags
Anything I don’t wanna see… Aka Ginger’s beat laboratory… Cover with black bags then stick on some glow in the dark spinnekoppies en insects and you’re good to go!

IMG_0156 (1280x960)

A really scary movie or two… in my case… ORIGINALS MARATHOOOOOOON!!!

Food and drinks

Simply put… Anything red… Red wine, strawberry daiquiri, red cooldrink… Go nuts. I’ve taken some jelly spider sweets and put them in ice trays filled with red jelly. Refrigerate and use as ice blocks… not sure what the wine is gonna taste like, but it sure as hell’s gonna look creepy!

Some food ideas:

Finger food

Get the recipe here

mummy dogs

Get the recipe here

And of course you can never go wrong with a little bit of GHOST pops and some vampire jelly teeth. And if you need more ideas, read the posts below.


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