Review – Dove Body Milk

When you hear the word “lotion” you tend to think of words such as “runny” and “oily” or even “boring”. Dove’s Body Milk is unlike any other moisturizer I’ve ever tried.

I have been lucky enough to own 3 sample sized bottles of Body Milk and ever since I’ve had the first one, I’ve been raiding the shops to find a full sized bottle.

From the first moment your skin touches the silky white milk, you’ll feel like Cleopatra. Dove knows that the skin is made up of layers and this moisturizer provides just the right amount of nourishment that is necessary to keep the skin looking radiant and supple – it absorbs fairly quickly too.

The clean, fresh smell lingers for hours, just as the moisturizing action keeps doing its job – I’m rubbing my silky smooth legs out of disbelief that my last application was 6 hours ago.

If you have dry skin, this is the moisturizer for you. It’s just as luxurious as a body butter but doesn’t make you feel like “overdone”.

It’s definitely on my shopping list and also on my must have list!


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