Vampire diaries Vs The Originals

You’ve probably gathered that I like me my vampire fix and being the ginger crazed malletjie that I am, having Klaus … a ginger(ish) vampire character I have no choice but to side with him… but I’m biased and I’m getting ahead of myself.

Very recently, the well known “Vampire Diaries” started its 5th season and I was extremely excited… mostly because my friend, The Brain, and I used to hate watch every Friday night with wine and pizza. A 40 minute show became an hour show because we would have 20 minutes of commentary between phrases like “Elena, you’re sired to Damon” and “Stefan, you deserve the cure” and of course “She’s ruthless without her humanity”. Then… season 5 started and Bonnie was dead, but still there… and Elena and Damon were together… finally… and Jeremy came back from the dead… again! The girls were off to collage and for some reason they were even skinnier than the previous season. It’s all just too much for my rut loving brain to handle. I watched the first 2 episodes and I was done. Sorry VD… it was fun while it lasted.

On the other side of the vampire series spectrum is the Originals, and despite what I thought initially is a weak plot line, I found myself much more intrigued by the 1000 old vampire siblings who resort to daggering each other as a method of punishment.

I thought the first episode was somewhat lacking and that my excitement over the premier was completely unwarranted – what a dupe am I? But then episode 2 gave me something to look forward to and to that, sirs, I doff me cap! Well done! I am hooked. I’ve just watched episode 6 and all I can say is ERMERWERD!

Check out the promo for episode 7…

Something else that the Originals has, is intelligent use of words and my inner geek just goes weak in the knees when an attractive Brit uses his wits to insult, compliment or express his rage. Hubba hubba!

I think I’ve made my case…


3 thoughts on “Vampire diaries Vs The Originals

  1. You are not alone, I am completely hooked on The Originals now. I love finding out more about their past. You are digging Klaus, me, I’m totally on team Elijah 🙂

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