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I have been on the hunt for wedding cupcakes for my friend’s wedding with not much success. They’re either not tasty enough or they’re too expensive.

I was on the verge of adding to my already overflowing list of things to do “Bake Wedding cupcakes and hunt down colour appropriate toppings and wrappers”. One thing I will brag about myself is that when it comes to carrot cupcakes I am the best at making them. This is what I thought, until my little sister bestowed upon me 2 carrot cupcakes from That Cakery.#imnotworthy

She’s been ranting and raving about Marelize from That Cakery and her amazing cupcakes. She’s invited me to her Facebook page and when I finally got the chance to accept the invitation I was astounded at the pics I saw… guess who’s making my Spongebob Birthday cake!

What’s even more astounding is her prices! I got a quote of R13 per Carrot cupcake and R10.50 per Vanilla cupcake. She uses mascarpone cheese as apposed to cream cheese which makes for a better tasting icing too. #drool

Now, look at the pics again …. done? Good, now get this… she taught HERSELF how to do this by watching Youtube videos! When? One friggin year ago!!! This lady has a serious talent and she is so inspiring too! It just goes to show that when you put your mind to something… ANYTHING is possible. Now, I don’t do recommendations if I don’t really like a product so for me, putting my stamp of approval on That Cakery’s special wortel koekies, is a big deal.

I’ve always wanted my own “Cake person”… I FINALLY FOUND HER!!!

If you would like to check out more of her amazing work, check out her Facebook page here or phone her on 071 444 4111. Don’t blame me if you get addicted!


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