Monday loves

Mondays can be rough but at least there are a few things that cheer me up.

Monday Loves No: 1

I have a very addictive personality. When I find something I like, I obsess over it and for a while now, my obsession has been Sir Joseph Morgan… or more accurately, him as Klaus Mikaelson. This weekend I watched the second Thor movie and boy oh boy… Can Tom Hiddleston do a mean Loki?! It simply works. swoooon (I suspect I may have a liiiitle bit of a self esteem problem – fondness of bad boys – Klaus, Loki, Dexter. I could go on and on).

So… I decided to get a tattoo of him!

Loki tattoo… just kidding… I’d much rather have him.

Monday Loves No: 2

I’m on a serious spending hiatus – I kinda consider it to be a little cleansing ritual. I have until the end of December to be fully “cleansed”. I know what you’re thinking… my Xmas shopping is already sorted out… but I digress. The point is, as soon as January comes, Clicks is going to have to issue shares in my name as compensation for the sum of money I’ma be spending. And one of the many thingies I’m going to get is …. Sally Hansen Sugar Coat *awww*

Sally HansenI sneakily tried some in the shop and loved the sugary texture. It’s very distracting, in fact, I can just see myself squandering my days by rubbing my fingernails in wonderment.

Monday Loves No: 3

I’ve been a Dirty Works supporter ever since they hit the Clicks shelves and then I saw their facial range and I totally fell in love!

la vie sophie

Image courtesy of

Monday Loves No. 4

Western Disco – The Sun

It’s just happy… I love this song

Monday Loves No. 5

I invented Hey Gorgeous Rose Petal Bath milk Mondays… because there really isn’t anything that eases the Monday Blues better than a good soak in some rose petals. After my Monday gym session, I love to soak in a tub of this awesomeness. Aaaa Bliss!

Rose Petal Bath Mil (640x640)

Monday Loves No 6.

The body Shop dropped our jaws with their new Gingerbread collection. I smelled the body butter, I left my body, went to heaven, saw my grand parents, thought that it was weird that I saw my grand parents, I came back down to Earth and turned into a werewolf, I scared some teenagers and then I came back into my body. I absolutely have to have this body butter!!!!!GingerbreadMonday Loves No. 7

If I said it once, I said it a thousand times “Elie Saab is the crème de la crème of perfume”. And now there’s a glimmer of hope. I foresee an influx of birthday money coming my way and I see that Clicks in N1 City is stocking this prized jewel so hopefully it will still be there when I want to collect it.

Elie saab

I feel happier already…


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